Free Your Body.  Unlock your Mind.  Unleash your wild, creative spirit!

Ecstatic Erotic Energy Circuitry
with Brad and Jim

My lover Jim and I are enjoying a dynamic, FUN offering to MEN!

The formula is simple:  

 Naked + Excited + Deep Presence  = Ecstatic Clarity, Health, &  New Visions!

We believe in the healing power of pleasure.  I've been practicing erotic Tantra for 15 years and the two of us have been exploring ecstatic tantric-erotic body-contact play for 5 years together, using conscious breath, movement, sound, and intention.  We've discovered that when we become deeply present with a man, anoint him with heated oil, and get body-to-body, we generate a LOT of fun!  Best of all, we get to coach guys in how to harness all of that FUN and focus it on their health, their vitality, and even an awareness of higher visions.  

We do all of our sessions in wide-open padded spaces where we can give guys lots of space to "dance" with their full bodies and make lots of expressive sounds!  When desired, we sometimes use a blindfold to help that lucky man tune into his own full-body sensations!

We'll be guiding you in conscious breath, movement, and joyful sound to move energy and reach higher states of ecstatic reconnection with your own body, heart, and mind.

Our request (requirement) is that you bring an intention for growth, healing, and transformation, and show up at our door as excited as you can stand!  Once you book, we'll send you some pointers in how to manage all of that excitement until you can get here! 

Call Brad to book.
All sessions require a 15-minute phone conversation.
375/90 minutes
505/2 HOURS
707/3 Hours