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a simple guide to anal hygiene and health 

by Rev. Brad Amberheart

Fears about cleanliness alone have stopped most men from accessing our base-chakra empowerment, so here's a very simple remedy: Wash first! 

If you're a man who thinks he might like to experiment with opening his base-chakra pleasure center (ie. ass), you don’t really have to go to elaborate measures to clean yourself.  Just take your favorite lube with you into the shower and give your own butt some love!  

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1:  Find a good lube to take into the shower with you.  The best lube in the world is wild-crafted in small batches in Cherokee, NC, but until we get enough stock for you buy it right here, a great alternative is called “Non-petroleum jelly,” sold at many health food stores and local co-ops.  Silicone-based lubes such as Wet Platinum (available at larger drugstores) can also can feel great around/in the butthole in small quantities.  Most soaps have a tendency to irritate the rectal lining, but if you have one that’s smooth and non-irritating, even soap can be used for basic butt-cleaning pleasure in the shower.

2:  Have fun in the shower!  Get well-lathered and enjoy getting excited!  While you’re at it, massage your asshole with your favorite, gentle, wonderful lube.  Inserting one finger into your butt with a gentle lube and some subtle, slow, in-and-out movements is really all of the cleaning that is necessary to prepare you for basic butt play with fingers and small toys.  However, if you’re thinking you might want to enjoy larger toys, boyfriends, or your girlfriend’s strap-on, you’ll want to read “Going Deeper,” below.

3:  Enjoy yourself often!


a few suggestions for an even-cleaner base-chakra experience

Our asshole—the base of our being—houses some of our most basic fears.  We literally “hold on for dear life”, clinching until we literally cut ourselves off from our own creativity and vibrant, life-rooting existence. The term “tight ass” did not come about purely by accident.  We live in a world filled with fear and anxiety, where many of us fear for our jobs, our security, or even our lives.  What can we do?

For starters, we can start giving our 1st chakra some of the attention its been missing.   At the core of the matter lies our feeling of not being safe in the world.  Feeling safe in the world could very well begin with feeling safe in our body—safe enough to get naked and touch our own bodies, from base to crown.

Find a place where you can feel safe.  For many of us, this is actually harder than we realize, and it might actually entail making some major changes in the way we live.  Do you have a place where you can go and close the door and get naked and love your body?  Do you even have a place where you can go and make as much noise as you want to?  The noise issue can be resolved by wearing a gag in your mouth, but the safety issue…well…it’s of key importance.  If you don’t have a place where you can go to feel safe enough to free your body of its clothes and to love and honor your own body, then now is the time to hold in your heart the vision of feeling safe enough to express yourself in your own body.  (Begin regularly repeating to yourself, out loud if possible:  I feel completely safe and excited when I express myself in my own wonderful body.  Once you’ve done this, watch carefully, and you’ll start to notice how more and more places of safety will appear in your life.  If your home does not have a safe place, and you’re ready for a safe place to express yourself in your own body, then your home might change!  If the necessary changes in your home don’t seem to be happening fast enough, then it would probably be good to exercise patience, and keep repeating the mantra:  I feel completely safe and excited when I express myself in my own wonderful body.  While you’re at it, look for other places—friends’ homes, sanctioned play spaces (, or even your favorite safe and warm place in nature (

OK!  So now that the basic base-chakra issue—our safety—has been taken care-of, we can proceed with good assplay fun!

This short article was intended as primer to help men find more pleasure from the bottom up.  As stated clearly above, exploring your base pleasure center really begins with honoring your body and creating more safe places to nurture yourself (including your warm shower, with your favorite lube). No elaborate preparations are required. However, cleansing out your colon can really feel good and have lasting health benefits.  Colonic irrigation is becoming ever-more popular.  Even movie stars get their asses cleaned out!  (Hopefully politicians are doing so so, too!)  But the reality is that you DON’T need a colonic to enjoy the benefits of a clean and wonderful, healthy butt.  All you need is an anal douche.

Begin to experiment with what I call "mini-colonics" (ie anal douching). Anal douching is deeply cleansing for the system.  It’s advisable to use no more than a pint (0.5 L) of water, and to allow yourself at least a half-hour to thoroughly enjoy the whole process of honoring your butt, filling your lower intestines with warm water, and emptying it out (ahhhh…… ) Anal douching leaves us feeling much more grounded and clear because it helps re-open the connection—literally—to the very root of our sustenance.  Here’s a web link where you can browse through an array of 10 of the most popular implements for cleaning out your bum:


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