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FEB. 3, 4, & 5

Wild * Primordial * Earth * Fire * Air * Water

Join me in the fertile land of destruction and new birth

I'll be facilitating THREE ecstatic transformational healing rituals at a weekend-long Hawaii Tantra Erotic Nudist Retreat for Men February 2-5.  Just click on this link to read all the details and SIGN UP for any of the 3 ecstatic erotic events, or for the WHOLE WEEKEND package!

Hawaii Tantra Erotic Nudist Retreat for Men Feb. 2-5


Back-to-Nature Jungle-Hut Sessions and Outdoor Sessions

on Hawaii's Wild, Primal, and Beautiful Coastline!
Jan. 18-Feb. 18

I'm very excited, for the second year in a row, to be offering ecstatic OUTDOOR sessions and personalized retreats on Hawaii's primal, wild, and beautiful coastline Jan. 16-Feb. 16!   My wonderful ecstatic Tantric lover Jim will be joining me there Jan. 28-Feb. 10 and will available to offer tandem sessions with me as well!  It's important to schedule 2 to 4 weeks in advance, so if you're thinking about coming to Hawaii, please read more below, then answer this short, inspiring questionnaire and let's the ball rolling!

Sessions take place in a completely private jungle-style hut with a view of the Pacific Ocean, or...out in an adjacent, open clearing on private property beneath the sky.  There are also wide-open spaces along the tops of lava cliffs overlooking the ocean, as well as secluded tide pools nearby.

Sessions range in length from 2 hours (intensive, faster-paced) to 3 hours, a half-day, or even full days or multiple days.  Lodging is available in a gay-friendly guesthouse with shared kitchen and gardens just across the road from the oceanfront property where I do sessions.  Here is a sampling of rates:

2-hour Transformational Tantric-Erotic Session 1-on-1:  $275

3-hour Transformational Tantric-Erotic Session 1-on-1:  $375

2 or 3-hour Ecstatic Tantric-Erotic Coaching Session with myself and my dynamic Tantric partner Jim (Jan. 28-Feb. 10):  $475/595

Half-Day 1-on-1 Retreat (5 hours, includes lunch or sunset meal):  $575

Overnight/Multiple-Day Retreat (Includes Two Extended sessions per day, hikes, excursions, 2 shared meals, and LODGING!):  $1111/day