Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

Sexual Magic, Erotic Mysticism, & Ecstatic Prayer

for MEN

with Brad Amberheart and Mahan Kalpa Khalsa


July 7-9, 2017

at DANCING SHIVA Tantra Community

in the beautiful Mountains of Western North Carolina

We gather to fully AFFIRM our life's existence using the exquisite power of erotic excitement and pure sexual joy!

COST:  $295* includes 2 night’s ashram-style lodging (see accommodation at the bottom of this page), 6 meals, and a weekend-long workshop dedicated to Tantra, sexual magic, and a special full moon erotic healing ritual.


*2 scholarships are available for men with financial need who also have experience in coordinating group meal preparation or who are willing to help with setup/take-down and logistics. 

All participants must have a 20-minute intention-guiding conversation before being invited to register.  This is to ensure a safe, inspiring, and inviting environment for all who attend.  Please call Norm Self at 415-652-1825 and start getting ready for an incredibly exciting weekend NOW!  SPACE IS LIMITED.

Friday Evening, July 7

Remembering the Magic

Dinner, Earth Spirit Satsang, and Introduction to Embodied Tantra

Settle in, enjoy a wholesome meal, and begin to reconnect with the natural mystical/visionary parts of yourself by way of a satsang led by earth-spirit mage Brad Amberheart.  Satsang is a word from the Sanskrit language which means, “We sit together in Truth”.  This special satsang will be held outdoors (weather permitting) or in a sheltered space surrounded by the deep forests.  We’ll let the sounds of frogs, owls, and other night birds—combined with the use of rattles, drums, and group vocal experimentation—be the accompaniment to help us transcend ordinary reality and re-connect with the space in ourselves of magic, wonder, and purpose.

Saturday, July 8

Formulating the Dream

Mahan Kalpa Khalsa—experienced international facilitator of yoga and transformational eroticism—will lead us in morning yoga.  We’ll have a bit of free time, including lunchtime.  Then, we’ll get down to some great FUN in the afternoon, which will be dedicated to priming our bodies and our hearts for the evening’s “Sex as Prayer” ritual.

The afternoon’s activities have been designed to free us of some of our tightly-held inhibitions and open us to a deeper level of free expression.  Brad and Mahan Kalpa will lead us in exercises to free the voice, relax the body, and deepen our ever-growing comfort level with this special group of men who’ve been called to gather here for this unique and unprecedented experiment in transformational pleasure, OUTDOORS!

Throughout the afternoon, we’ll all be holding the intention in our hearts and minds to get in touch with what we really want in our life, and to begin to allow our visions for health, well-being, and fulfillment to become ever more clear.  We’ll then have an opportunity to summarize these visions as affirmations—clearly visible on large pieces of paper or poster board—which will become the focal point for our evening full of ecstatic pleasure-generating activities together.

The afternoon’s learning and FUN will be followed by a nap-time break before dinner.

Saturday Night, July 8*


Sex as Prayer

an ecstatic erotic ritual to activate your life’s dreams and purpose

Very few people living on Planet Earth today have ever had the opportunity to fully express their authentic erotic selves, shamelessly.  Among that very small number of people who have, only perhaps a handful have ever brought their euphoric erotic expression into a place of PRAYER.  That number of people is about to grow, and you’re among the lucky ones to usher in this new era of ecstatic erotic prayer.

The evening is set up for you to participate at any level.  The only requirement is to remain present for the duration of the evening.  There will be an outer circle for meditating, singing, drumming, and self-pleasure.  The center of the circle will be a place for erotic connection with others.  Whether you’re silently meditating, singing, pleasuring yourself on the periphery, or joining in group erotic fun at the center of the circle, the most important gift you bring is being present.

This beautiful ceremony has now been held with groups of gay men at Easton Mountain (New York State), in Hawaii, in San Francisco, in Asheville, NC, and in Louisville, Kentucky.  It represents a splendid opportunity to drop in, let go of old fears, and open to your most authentic expression of pleasure.  Brad and Mahan Kalpa take the great pleasure of “calling the dance” by standing in the center of the circle, gently guiding the group, reading their prayers aloud from the posters we made in the afternoon, and creating a live musical accompaniment with requests for you, too, to pick up a rattle, a drum, or your preferred musical instrument (bring it!)

Sunday Morning, July 9

bringing it in and bringing it home

Following breakfast and a yoga hour led by Mahan Kalpa, we’ll be having a closing Heart Circle to affirm what we have created and to prepare to bring it forth into our daily lives.  A Heart Circle is an ancient tradition originating in tribal cultures which involves passing a stone, stick, or other object clockwise around the circle and respecting the fact that only the person holding the object speaks, while everyone else listens.  This is a space to drop into our deepest feelings and share from the depths of our hearts about our experience.

The weekend’s activities will close with lunch.  Please plan your travel to leave Dancing Shiva no earlier than 2 PM and no later than 4 PM.


Our setting for this retreat is Dancing Shiva, an intentional community dedicated to the exploration of Tantra, yoga, meditation, conscious sexuality and embodiment within the context of a community dedicated to sustainable living.  Dancing Shiva is located about 50 minutes southeast of Asheville, NC, within a larger intentional ecovillage called Earthaven.  

(An ecovillage is a place where people intentionally explore sustainable living.  Electricity is off-the-grid solar and small-scale hydroelectric.  The entire community uses composting toilets rather than flush toilets in honor of preserving clean water and nourishing the earth with what we once would have called “waste”.  To read more about Earthaven and sustainable community, you can visit

Meals will be mostly vegetarian, with some chicken and fish.  Part of the spirit of a Tantra community is to prepare meals together.  We’ll each be taking turns helping with meal preparation, dish-washing, and kitchen cleaning.

Sleeping Accommodations will be ashram-style, which means we’ll be sharing a couple of larger rooms with comfortable padding on the floor.  Tent camping is also an option, and if you prefer tenting but aren’t able to bring your own tent, please talk with us during your intake phone conversation and we might be able to furnish a tent for you.  Even though this retreat is a space which encourages freedom of erotic expression, we ask that participants who are sleeping in the shared ashram spaces and who wish to engage in erotic connection with other participants during sleeping hours please take your activities outside or to the main community gathering spaces such as Yome (a magical, circular temple space with ornately painted walls which graphically portray the teachings of Tantra).


Everyone who attends will need to have a short phone conversation (20-30 minutes max).  Norm, experienced Tantra practitioner, sacred intimate, and sweet-hearted elder, will be assisting us by speaking with each and every attendee to help you get ready and answer any questions.  Please call him between 9 AM and 6 PM Eastern Time at 415-652-1825, or email him at if you would like to establish a confirmed phone appointment time.

Registration link and preparations will be sent to you via email after your phone conversation, and will include some exercises which will begin to activate your body and your imagination for creative sexual magic and fun with yourself and other men!  Ay-MEN!