Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

The Male G-Spot Pleasure Symposium

a playshop space for activating full-body transformational erotic ecstasy in the male body



Please support us in releasing generations of societal shame and opening the way to personal and global transformation!


Monday Evenings, May 15 & 22

7-9:30 PM

(attendance at both evenings is required)

MEN and their lovers of ALL GENDERS are welcomed.

Sliding Scale $30-50 total for 2 modules

Please read this entire description carefully if you’re considering attending, then click on the Eventbrite link at the end to sign up. Thank you!

Come Home and Help us reclaim the Sacred.

The Male G-Spot is one of the most powerful (yet least employed) catalysts that men have available to generate PLEASURE.  In Tantra, we regard pleasure as one of the great healing powers.  The more pleasure we can generate, the more we can gain access to higher states of Vision and Ecstasy.  It is these higher states of Vision and Ecstasy which inform our life’s decisions.  Oh, if only more of our World Leaders could learn to play with their assholes!  Today, we’re inviting ourselves to be the leadership we seek in this world!  Bless-It-Be, and Ay-womyn!


Learn to support, nourish, and EXCITE your GUY PARTNERS by helping us re-claim our relationship to our 1st Chakra, the Evolutionary Pleasure Center known as the "Male G-Spot!  In doing so, we activate a powerful source of life-giving pleasure, hence transforming a masculine-dominate cultural paradigm into one of creativity, joy, and life-giving vitality.

Whether you are straight, bi, gay, or none-of-the above, if you're a MAN who has a PROSTATE and a healthy butt*, YOU have access to an extraordinary generator of PLEASURE.  


RITUAL and CONSCIOUS HONORING are at the core of what we’re here to do this evening. Within a sacred, sweet, honoring container, we'll have a DEMONSTRATION of male anal/g-spot pleasure by a duo or two who are experienced in the art of giving, receiving, and generating high levels of ecstatic pleasure. There will also be a short primer about hygeine to help dispel old myths and open the way to more pleasure and FUN!  Many of us, sadly, have not yet had the opportunity to be in the presence of a man who is ecstatically activated by anal/prostate massage, and so…here is an opportunity to fully engage in conscious WITNESSING of this sacred and very powerful way of generating life-giving energy for ourselves, our loved ones, and this world. 

You’re going to be invited to drum, sing, and dance in accompaniment to these demos (rituals) of re-awakening.  Movement and song are actually the key elements which will help each of us move the energy and emotions which come up when doing such deep work and unlocking the sacred taboo.  

Your presence as witness will, in itself, begin a much-needed planetary transformation which will help bring all of us some much-needed relief from the stress, anxiety, and competition which have ruled our world for far too long. Come help us! Thank you!

We’ll close the evening with a heart circle so that all who have been present—in bravery, in joy, or in trepidation—can share whatever came up for them during the demos.  The opening of hearts will help prepare the group for the NEXT LEVEL, next week! 

MODULE II:  Blazing the Trail Home to Bliss and Magic

Get out your latex gloves and favorite lube!  It’s time for ACTION!  (Latex and non-latex gloves will actually be provided, as well as a a take-home sample of the best butt lube in the world, wild-crafted by our own faerie medicine person in Cherokee.)

Ladies, Gents, and those In-Between, now’s your chance to practice!***  We’re going to have several experienced male models on-hand so that YOU can explore the male anatomy and get some of those questions answered that you’re never had a chance to ask.  THEN, for all of you MEN who are READY for some FUN, we’re going to have practice sessions!  If you’re a person with a prostate who thinks you might have a desire to EXPERIENCE G-Spot ecstasy this evening so please come prepared (see for some preparation suggestions)! IF YOU DON'T FEEL YOU'RE UP FOR GIVING OR RECEIVING MALE G-SPOT MASSAGE THIS EVENING, NOT TO WORRY! Your PRESENCE is what's most important. Witness. Support. Encourage. Honor this Sacred pleasure center which has been ignored in our recent culture. Our ultimate wish is to put to practice the valuable insights that we’ve gained, and to attract ever more opportunities for transformational pleasure!  Blessed Be.

**Note--if you think you might want to experiment with the art of GIVING the gift of g-spot pleasure this evening, or learning how to, then PLEASE TRIM YOUR FINGERNAILS 2 days in advance. If you’re a man who’s ready to experience the joys of receiving anal play, please go to this link to review some helpful tidbits about preparation and hygeine, which we’re also covering in Module I  Thank you!***

Yeah man!  It's true!  I've never felt anything like it!  My girlfriend and I...What?  Oh, yeah...she fucking LOVED it...

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"My assplay experience completely changed by life"--Ralph

"I can't remember when I've EVER had so much fun!"--Pete