Free Your Body.  Unlock your Mind.  Unleash your wild, creative spirit!

Transformational Ecstatic Erotic Healing Sessions
for Individuals, Couples, and Groups

Sept. 4-11 Remote BEACH Sessions in Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA
October 15-22, WILDERNESS LAKE, 2 h west of Asheville, 3 h north of Atlanta
Jan. 16-31, Oceanfront Jungle Hut, southeastern coast, BIG ISLAND, HAWAI'I 

Read all details and check out the links below to schedule your session at least 2 weeks in advance! 

20 years of scouting out secret places all over North America and beyond has resulted in the discovery of some of the most stunning settings imaginable for transformational erotic work (and play)!   These carefully-selected places are secluded, inviting, exquisitely private, and exciting for all of the senses!  Come!  Get naked!  Celebrate your erotic body in the company of the divine perfection of nature and in the company of an experienced guide of transformational tantric-erotic ecstasy!

Pre-booking at least 2 weeks is advance is essential so that you can receive full preparation details, travel support, and detailed directions for a rendez-vous at these remote, wild, and beautiful natural settings.  Your session begins NOW!  Read below and follow links for important details.


Ecstatic Tantric Sex Coaching

1-on-1 and Couples 
in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and OUTDOORS on the beaches of Cape Cod Sept. 4-11, 2017


Check Back Soon 
for sessions in Mystical, Magical
Joshua Tree, California
Winter/Spring 2018...

January-February 2018!

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