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Living Rituals for the Activation of Vision, Healing, and Manifestation

Sexual Magic, Mysticism, and Ecstatic Prayer
a ritual of transformation via pleasure
with Rev. Brad Amberheart

JANUARY 14, 2017:  Hawaii Tantra Festival, Puna Coast, Big Island
FEBRUARY 16, 2017:  Puna Coast, Big Island, by invitation only (Brad:  828-424-6733)
MAY 12, 2017:  Asheville, NC (with Monique Darling)

This living, evolving ritual represents an invitation to explore some of Tantra's most potent principles: "The Healing Power of Pleasure," "Everything is an Experiment," "The Union of Opposites (inner marriage)," "Ascending and Descending Energy," and "As Within, So Without".

This is a space to be present with a full spectrum of what it means to be HUMAN.  We welcome your joy, your sadness, your grief, your ecstatic pleasure, your sensual-erotic-sexual expression, and your passion.  In effect, all of these powerful energies are grounded in Passion and Compassion.  The Earth is calling for us to offer Her our age-old grief, as well as our own joy, pleasure, and delight.  The very action of offering Her our passion automatically brings us into higher states of awareness, and even into states of ecstatic oneness with the Divine.  You may be surprised to learn that even the expression of grief is a portal to ecstasy.

Brad-Leaf Amberheart will guide us in finding our deepest passion and directing our energies for the health and well-being of ourselves, our loved ones, and this Earth.   For some of us, this means allowing our grief and sadness to surface and to be offered to the roots of trees as compost for fertile new growth.  For others "finding our deepest passion" means getting aroused and sharing pleasure and delight with ourselves and others!   The fertile meeting ground of ecstasy and grief, sadness and joy, could--in many ways--be called "the union of opposites".  Most of us could agree that BALANCE is a key word for us right now, on this planet, and so here, today, we create that change we wish to see in the world, starting with ourselves and our own community.

This ceremony will be set up as a circle with a center.  There is place for all of us in this circle.  The outer ring of the circle will be for those who wish to sing, dance, drum, laugh, cry, pleasure ourselves, or share pleasure with a lover or partner.  From the outer circle, all of the energies which we generate in our bodies, hearts, and souls will be directed toward the center, where the energy body of the Tree of Life grows.  We feed its roots with our joy, our pleasure, our sadness, and our grief.  It may not be physically visible, but it is there--and it is very real.

The center of the circle will be a place for group erotic pleasure and healing.  Collectively, from the Center, we will generate energy to send skyward, up the trunk of the Tree of Life, toward the stars, to rain back on the world as blessings.  Our collective body is the tree of life.  Life surges through us, upward, to bless the heavens and the Earth. 

What are you ready to create in your life?

What are you inviting into your life?  

What are you pruning or releasing, in order to make room for new growth or a new flow?  

What aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being are ready for an infusion of life-giving pleasure?

When you're over-flowing with pleasure, to WHOM or to what place in the world would you like to send this extra dose of vitality and love? Consider your own health, the health and well-being of someone you love, your community, AND the places in the world which are in dire need of love, balance, peace...even clean water to drink!

Sexual and Erotic Pleasure will likely be happening at this gathering, in perfect balance with many other human expressions.  We live in a world where SEXUAL and EROTIC pleasure is most often associated with self-gratification or a guilt-driven desire to please "the other". Is this what we really signed up for? No, of course not!  

Try DELIGHT...allow yourself to take full responsibility for your own pleasure. This ritual gathering will provide the perfect opportunity to deepen your relationship to self-pleasure, to listen and respond care-fully to your own desires and needs, and to respond authentically to others while being true to ourselves, in perfect balance.

The potency of our pleasure and our passion ripples out far beyond this room...and...WE get to enjoy generating that wave!  Amen!  Blessed Be.  Aho!

*You may choose to come here to deepen your relationship to your own body using self-pleasure.

*You may choose to come here to sit in meditation, move, sing, drum, dance, play a musical instrument as accompaniment for others' love-making, or even to release your sadness or grief as food for the Earth.

*You may choose to come here with a favorite partner or lover (or two!) and generate pleasure together.

*You may choose to come to the center of the circle to collectively generate sensual-erotic pleasure with others. 

All shared touch will be generated from a resounding heart-space of"YES!"

We offer all that we share here as a blessing for each other, our loved ones, and this Earth.  It is so.  Aho!  Amen.