Free Your Body.  Unlock your Mind.  Unleash your wild, creative spirit!

Sex as Prayer
a ritual of transformation via pleasure
for MEN
with Brad Amberheart

 Please read the detailed description of the Sex as Prayer ritual below, and begin formulating your intention for magic and healing in this powerful and potent ritual of pleasure.

YOU are invited to PLAY and fully embrace your sensual-erotic desires as FUEL for health, vitality, and the blessing of EACH OTHER and this world.

in a circle of MEN
making love
and bringing our PRAYERS to LIFE
for the benefit of ourselves, our loved ones, and this Earth
Amen, and Bless-It-Be.

Erotic Ceremonial Leader and Pleasure Activist Brad Amberheart will guide us in generating ecstatic pleasure through self-pleasuring, body-body contact, voice, sound, and spoken word.  You can participate on any level you like--from simply singing or meditating, to pleasuring your own cock, to enjoying body-to-body FUN with someone you brought with you, or by joining in erotic, body-to-body celebration with the other men who come here!  

We'll be gathered in a circle.  The periphery of the circle will be for those who wish to sing, meditate, self-pleasure, or share pleasure with someone they brought with them.  The CENTER of the circle will be for group erotic connection in the name of health, vitality, and blessings for each other, our loved ones, our nation, and our world.

 We'll be summoning the energy of PLEASURE and directing that energy for the health and well-being of ourselves, our loved ones, and this world.   Please consider these questions:

What are you ready to create in your life?
What aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being are ready for an infusion of life-giving pleasure?
When you're over-flowing with pleasure, to WHOM or to what place in the world would you like to send this extra dose of vitality and love?  

Consider your own health, the health and well-being of someone you love, AND the places in the world which are in dire need of love, balance, peace, food...even clean water to drink!

We live in a world where SEXUAL and EROTIC pleasure is most often associated with self-gratification or a guilt-driven desire to please "the other". Is this what we really signed up for? No, of course not!

Try DELIGHT...allow yourself to take full responsibility for your own pleasure. This ritual gathering will provide the perfect opportunity to deepen your relationship to self-pleasure, to clealry ask for what you need/desire, to respond authentically to others while being true to yourself, and--most importantly--realizing that OUR PLEASURE ripples out far beyond ourselves, and can change the world. Amen.

Brad Amberheart has guided thousands of men in how to generate and move ecstatic erotic pleasure for prolonged periods in their own bodies!  Today, it no longer matters how hard you get, how hard you are, how big your dick is, whether you stay hard, or whether you get hard at all!  You're going to be welcomed to sink into a place of softness and nurturance for yourself, where there's so much ecstatic pleasure available to us that you're probably going to be really surprised!  You're welcomed to participate in any number of ways, including (but not limited to) the following:

*You may choose to come here to deepen your relationship to your own body using creative self-pleasure.

*You may bring an instrument such as a stringed instrument, rattle, or even a trumpet or saxophone to create music for men who are engaging in ecstatic pleasure--and you can put down your instrument or pick it up when you want to!

*You may choose to come here with a favorite partner or lover (or two!) and generate energy together.

*You may choose to enjoy being paired/grouped with others who are here to generate energy together! 

All shared touch will be negotiated to find a clear, resounding "YES!"

For any questions or inquiries about "Sex as Prayer", please email Brad at [email protected]