Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

1-on-1 Ecstatic Erotic Tantra Coaching with Brad online!

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Take Your Excitement Levels to New Heights

Learn how to harness your sexual power and use it to create your life from the inside-out

Resolve past traumas--Open to New Freedom

Gain Clarity, Insight, & New Awareness

Re-Claim your ability to excite the living fuck out of yourself from head-to-toe, from the very core of your orgasmic being.

Access new levels of erotic freedom and awareness which will dramatically improve your SEX life when you're with your partners!

Attract a wealth of pleasure, friends, & lovers back into your life.

1-on-1 Sessions last for 1 hour and are $135 US.

I appreciate your generosity to give yourself this gift and sustain my livelihood.  If you are exceptionally economically stretched, please feel free to ask me about a cost-of-living adjustment for session work.  I also offer special payment plans for multiple-session packages:

Ready to travel and come have a nice hot sweaty 1-on-1 Tantric-Erotic Session IN PERSON, possibly even OUTDOORS?
to read more about how to get an easy, non-stop flight to Asheville, North Carolina, USA
and book a 1-on-1, custom-designed session in my mirrored studio...or in the great outdoors, amidst the most ancient mountains on Earth.