Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

Ecstatic Erotic Energy Circuitry
with Brad and Jim

The formula is simple:  

 2 Ecstatic, Fully-Attentive Male Lovers + YOU + Naked + EXCITED   
New Insights + INVIGORATED Body + Renewed Vitality

Most guys have never actually given themselves the chance to experience whole-body erotic ecstasy, head to toe.  

My lover Jim and I have been enjoying dynamic, body-to-body excitement together for more than 6 years now.  We've discovered that when we're in that space of dynamic body-tingling connection, any willing man stepping into that energy field experiences dynamic excitement...and when a man is excited head-to-toe, through and through, THAT is the time to speak his truth to him.

You see, when we enter into a state of whole-body dynamic arousal, we're highly suggestible to new realities.  That's why we're encouraging all men who desire a session with us to see it not ONLY as a tremendously exciting experience on the physical level (which it DEFINITELY is), but to also bring us your desires for what you wish to implement in your life.  Tell us your heart's desires for what you want to bring into your life...starting here, NOW, in this dynamic erotic energy field.  Examples of what YOU can invite into your life now include physical health and vitality, mental clarity, dynamic erotic partners, balanced relationships, and more enjoyment in your work and home life!

We do all of our sessions in wide-open padded spaces where we can give guys lots of space to "dance" with their full bodies and make lots of expressive sounds!  When desired, we sometimes use a blindfold to help that lucky man tune into his own full-body sensations!  Furthermore, if you specifically think you might get highly excited by dominant verbal play, dom/sub play, or fetishes such as leather, bondage, or wrestle play, follow this link for more info on sessions geared specifically toward Domination/Submission play:

We'll be guiding you in conscious breath, movement, and joyful sound to move energy and reach higher states of ecstatic reconnection with your own body, heart, and mind.

Our request (requirement) is that you bring an intention for growth, healing, and transformation, and show up at our door as excited as you can stand!  Once you book, we'll send you some pointers in how to manage all of that excitement until you can get here! 

Call Brad to book.
All sessions require a 15-minute phone conversation.
375/90 minutes
505/2 HOURS
707/3 Hours