Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

Apprenticeships can range in duration from a week to a year or multiple years, depending upon the student’s intentions. I'm most excited to work with men who would like to learn from me, while contributing a valuable skill which would help me flourish in my mission to help men who have sex with men live more dynamic, rewarding lives.

Sessions and 1-on-1 learning modules take place primarily in Asheville, North Carolina, but may occasionally take place in other mutually-agreed-upon locations.


I offer apprenticeship opportunities for men who exhibit any or all of the following traits:

  • have already attended 2 or more of my classes online or in-person and/or 
  • have received at least two 1-on-1 sessions with me, and
  • Show a strong alignment with the set of “motivating reasons” listed below.

        If you’re a man who’s apprenticing with me, you’re probably doing so for one or more of the following 


        • You’ve developed a deep curiosity about Tantric sexuality and its role in your personal growth and development.

        • You’re considering how you might share the arts of Tantric sexuality and Sacred Intimacy with your lovers and friends.

        • You may be a healing practitioner with a unique set of tools who has been looking for ways to integrate the erotic and the sexual into your life’s work, with integrity, empowerment, and passion.

        • You’re seeking a mentor who—rather than teaching you exactly what he does—can give you the tools to bring out your best, most needed and appreciated gifts on earth, and use them to their ultimate potential.

        • Your skill set meets one or more of the needs I have expressed in my call to “Come Join My Team,” and so your presence in my life will help me flourish in my chosen life-path as teacher of Tantric sex, sacred intimacy, and sexual magic.

        Apprentices will receive:

        • In-person and (when necessary in between in-person meetings) online coaching in Tantric sexuality and the connection between Tantric sex, daily life, and life-calling.

        • Embodied 1-on-1 sessions which best support the apprentice in his evolution and life’s path.

        • Attendance at group workshops and events which are related to the apprentice’s expressed intentions for his path of learning and awakening.

        • Experience with hands-on sessions, both by assisting me with client sessions and by conducting your own 1-on-1 sessions under my mentorship.

        • Access to audio and video content, including some which has not yet been released publicly.

        • Multiple-Day Tantric-erotic immersive 1-on-1 retreats, when they’re supportive of the apprentice’s path of learning and a “hell yes!” for both mentor and apprentice.

        • In some cases, room and board for extended residential teaching modules, depending upon location, duration of the teaching module, and agreed-upon exchange between apprentice and mentor.


        Mentor (Brad) will Receive:

        • Contribution of the listed gifts, talents, and skills, as agreed-upon by mentor and apprentice before beginning the apprenticeship. See Job Descriptions under “Come Join My Team” for a more detailed list of opportunities.

        • Cash compensation, when either mentor or apprentice prefers cash exchange over skills-exchange, or when monetary energy works best as the most efficient way to balance/complete a partial skills-exchange.


        Bottom Line:  The exchange will be a resounding FUCK YES for both the mentor (Brad) and the apprentice.  

        Bear in mind that I carefully select potential apprentices based on our established, existing resonance.  It's not possible for me to mentor everyone, so--if you choose to apply--thank you for taking the time to carefully fill out my questionnaire and tell me a bit about yourself.  My intention is for the application to be an experience of learning and awakening in and of itself: