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The Ball-Butt-Belly Breath

Posted by Brad Amberheart on February 1, 2014 at 12:15 AM

You can do this exercise with a partner, body-to-body...or you can do it by pleasuring yourself.  When you're with a partner, you're going to have a lot of fun by covering one another in some good oil first.  When you're doing this exercise alone, my favorite way to do it is naked, face-down on a bed with soft sheets, letting the soft fabric stimulate your cock and balls (the "generator"), while using your hands and breath to move the energy up and out of your cock and balls, and into your whole body.  You can also do it on your back, by pleasuring and anointing your own body with oil.  Please read on for details...

Feed the fire down below with your hot arousal. Imagine that your cock, balls, and butt are like a hot fire.  The more aroused and hot you get, the more heat you have to work with!   

Let the fire down below heat up that cauldron in your belly.  Imagine that your belly is a cauldron, being heated by that hot fire down below!  Begin to breathe all of that exquisite erotic energy UP from your butt and balls, into your belly.  I call this the "Ball-Butt-Belly Breath".  Most men unconsciously hold our breath more when we start to get highly excited erotically.  Here is an opportunity to see what happens when you start to be aware of your breath!  Let your breath come in fully, as if you are breathing it in from your butthole, from underneath your balls.  Feel your belly rise and fall, as you pleasure yourslef by touching your body--not only your cock and balls, but your belly, your inner thighs, your heart, and your face.  Get your body excited by touching yourself all over!  Meanwhile, keep on breathing UP from below your balls, into your belly, while you keep that belly gently rising and falling....

Let Your Belly Heat Up, to Become a Red-Hot Lava Chamber.  Imagine that as you continue to fuel the "fire down below" with your arousal and self-pleasuring, and as you continue to breathe the heat UP from your balls and butt, your belly grows hot.  Imagine your belly becoming like a lava chamber.  The lava gets hotter and hotter, a volcano, the hot juices can surge up into your whole body. You can imagine that this time, rather than shooting our hot juices out of our body, we're actually going to let them surge up into our body, to warm our heart.  When you do this, you may notice a softening of your emotions, and more of a link between the hot surge of male erotic fun, and the gentility and openness of your heart.

Let your heart surge, to feed your body and mind.  Now that your heart has been fed and turned-on, it can be free to feed and energize your whole body--especially your mind.  Notice how, by staying in this state of full-body awareness and pleasure for a prolonged period, you experience an opening and clearing of the mind, along with a tingling, pleasurable, vibrating sensation throughout your body.  Continue to massage yourself all over, out from the heart, down your arms, and don't forgot to also massage your own legs and feet, too!  Notice the tingling sensations in your body, all the way out to  your extremeties.  Keep on breathing--now all the way up, from your butt and balls, to you heart, into your head, and back down again...Continue this blissful cycle for as long as you like, and notice how much you see and experience!

Blissfully Yours,



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