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Sex Standing Up. Is it Better?

Posted by Brad Amberheart on May 10, 2016 at 1:45 PM

SEX STANDING UP--is it better?

Enhance your orgasmic pleasure by keeping your spine erect during erotic fun!  

Here’s what happened when a fun fuckbuddy and I decided to STAND UP for pleasure during an experimental Tantric-erotic session last Sunday morning…

We did our ecstatic erotic experiment on 150 acres of private forested property, on an earthen dam by a pond.  We had decided to begin our session in my small tent. I had peeled back the dew-covered rainfly, letting the bright morning sun fall on the thin mesh fabric walls and see-through screen roof of the tent. What a sight the two of us must have been! We were completely alone. Only the trees, the morning birds, and the wild animals received the delight of our shouts, grunts, and groans. Had anyone’s eyes fallen upon my tent, what they would have seen through the tantalizing mesh would have been two men in ecstasy…naked, sweaty bodies intertwined, dancing for joy, horizontally…oooo-YEAH!


But there came this magical point in our session when we took turns standing up. Naturally, my tent is too low to stand up inside, but since the doors were open on both sides, we each stood, one at the time, with our feet inside the tent and the upper half of our body up, out of the tent, erect, toward the sky…


The morning sun was hitting the walls of the tent full-on, so it was hot inside—a least 80 degrees—even with both doors open. Our bodies were both slick with sweat from wrestling with each other naked and cock-wrestling together into ball-busting-hot-horny oblivion (Agh! How I fucking love to feel how hard my dick throbs in my tight camouflage briefs while I sit at my computer writing this!)


There came a point in our session when the heat became so intense that I stood up, with my feet inside the tent and the upper half of my body up, out of the tent, erect, toward the sky…This was a most pleasing position! My hot, horny, sweat-drenched body stood up to breathe, and I found myself being cooled and caressed by the wind, while my hot sweaty fuckbuddy inside the tent continued to relentlessly lick, suck, and caress my hot sweaty cock and balls with his devilishly-fun tongue.


I was aware of how good it felt to arch my back and lean my head back to face the sky and see the late-morning sun over the crown of my head, while my cock got teased, excited, and sucked so good by my hot new fuckbuddy. I got so excited I felt like I was just about to shoot a fucking huge load of cum right down his throat, so instead, I proceeded to start dancing. I danced, gyrating my pelvis, taking ever-deepening breaths from the base of my balls to the crown of my head, and raising my arms up over my head while I sang out with tones, grunts, growls, and shouts for joy.


And most miraculously, even through this state of euphoric oblivion, I still managed to continue to teach my new buddy how to re-direct a lifetime of pent-up horny energy. He had come to me, specifically, to learn how to manage his high sexual energy, have more satisfying sex, and to learn new ways to let his sexual vitality to feed his heart, his mind, and his overall level of creativity in his life. So on this hot and sweaty late-spring morning, alone, together, naked, in the great outdoors, with no one else there to hear us other than the birds and the bees, I told him,


“You see, I’m moving my body this way and tilting my head back because I’m experimenting with how to raise my ecstatic energy level without cumming. Most people unconsciously look down, hold their breath, and become rigid when they get really sexually excited, and so they quickly ejaculate rather than experimenting with high states of erotic ecstasy. They look down toward their dick, while holding their breath, and unconsciously block the flow of ecstatic, life-giving energy between their cock and balls and their heart and mind.”


He looked up from his wonderful, hands-and-knees, cock-licking position, and as I said the words, I touched my heart, then my throat, then my 3rd eye, symbolically reminding both of us of the ascension of hot erotic energy upward, to fuel the heart, the voice, the mind, and beyond…


And then, we switched places! Yummy!


“A lot of people—virtually all of them—never once consider the position of their spine when they’re making love!” I told my orgasmically-excited buddy as he rose up to a standing position to meet the sky, and I proceeded to caress his cock with my whole mouth and tongue, letting the head of his long, hard phallus massage the back of my throat…


Who ever thought I would wind up teaching from this position? I thought to myself, as I continued to pleasure my partner, on my hands and knees, while guiding him to keep his spine upright, his head tilted back, his body moving, and his vocal cords engaged.


My pleasant thoughts continued, even while I “worked”. When somebody told me in 4th grade that I would make a great teacher one day, you can bet your sweet ass they weren’t thinking about this kind of teaching! But what kind of teaching could be better? I mean…when you think about it, there are a LOT of people out there in this world who feel blocked, restricted, and otherwise extremely limited in their sexual expression. “Good sex” seems to mean getting hard, staying hard, and getting the deed done, and yet…here I am, helping a fun, sexually-excited man to his feet, teaching him to dance and move his body and celebrate the same life that’s coursing through these trees right now and causing these birds to sing out like there’s no tomorrow. Is this what people are talking about when they talk about “having sex”. I bet not. I bet they’re talking about something else…something specific…like getting it hard and getting it in there and…


But they never said anything about dancing. They never said anything about dancing, and singing out for joy, and letting the tears stream down my face while I laugh and sing and shudder head-to-toe, trembling like dew on a leaf and feeling my whole body convulse with pleasure and joy. Is this “sex”. You fucking bet it is! Sex of the highest caliber! Sex that fucking rocks the fucking world off its fucking pent-up repressed foundations and returns the power to the people! Sex that honors this body, this heart, and this mind as a part of this intricate web of birds, forest, and creatures that dance and fly! THAT’S what I’m talking about! Can I hear an AY-Men? GAY-MEN!

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