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BREATHING TOGETHER = Hot Marathon Fuck Session

Posted by Brad Amberheart on May 19, 2016 at 11:10 AM


The Most Reliable Pathway to a HOT MARATHON FUCK SESSION

BOSTON--Spring Equinox 2016

Brandon* and I had done experimental Tantra sessions before...and in Tantra, everything is an experiment.  In Tantra, there's room for everything!  High and holy and down-right raunchy all become one in the same.  Lover, friend, and fuckbuddy...they all become ONE.  Tantra finds unity in so-called opposites.  Here's what happened when by buddy Brandon and I set out to blaze a new trail together, in bed:

It was an over-the-fucking-top FUCK session with Brandon...a dark-skinned lover with a slightly-stocky, wrestler-type build (yum!).  From what he told me, he NEVER gets to have marathon ecstatic sex sessions, so my gift to him was that I gave him the gift of BREATH.  No lover had ever entered into the consciousness of breath with him.  The truth is, very few people on earth have ever been conscious of their breath for one full minute in their LIVES!  To do so with a lover while having great sex is...well...something BRAND NEW to virtually everyone alive in Earth today, and yet...what we're talking about here is an ancient art...something our ancestors did.  It's so OLD we have to re-birth it and make it new again.  

That's what Brandon and I did, in Boston, on a snowy Spring Equinox day in a suburb of Boston.  We BREATHED...Especially at the height of our excitement, when we both felt like we were going to CUM explosively...we breathed.  "Breathe with me, Lover," I guided him, again and again, at each peak.  

He was a man who told me he NEVER got to have marathon fuck sessions.  Who would've known?  Just pausing now and then and breathing instantly transformed the usual, mundane, so-called "quick release" into a full-body ecstatic experience of pure fucking sexual BLISS that can be ridden like waves, joyously, for HOURS!.  When the excitement felt like more than we could stand, I would say it again, "Hey, you sweet hot fucker...want to stop and breathe with me for a second?"  When we paused, our breaths would become one.  We would let our hearts return to a more normal pace, lying together until we were totally relaxed, and then...we would start moving together again, letting the energy build back.  Sometimes, the energy would build back slowly, from a state of almost-sleeping to a state of full-on fuck-fun.  Other times, it would only take a second or two to go from totally relaxed and motionless to full-throttled ass-fucking delight.  

What FUN!  Brandon learned that just pausing to BREATHE now and then, and communicating with his lover, could forever transform his sex life...and I learned new ways to play with the ways to move sexual energy with my belly, my pelvis, my ass, my balls, and my heart.  I had forgotten what a WILD bottom I could be, and how much I enjoy a man who can FUCK me upside-down, backwards, and sideways--and never cum.  It doesn't matter whether you're someone has NEVER breathed consciously with a lover or whether you're someone like me who's been at it for 15 always learn something new.  And that's what TANTRA really is all about--learning something new!

Here's to Brandon and me...and evolutionary fuck-a-liciously HOT SEX!  Amen.

*Name has been changed to honor the anonymity of a fellow Tantric explorer in Boston.

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