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Lone Hunters: a Story of the Never-ending Search for Sexual Satisfaction and Fulfillment

Posted by Brad Amberheart on August 2, 2018 at 4:05 PM

Gay Men are still searching endlessly, everywhere for great sex. Have we found it?                                     A Message of Hope by Brad Amberheart

Multi-orgasmic whole body orgasmic sensation is generally bypassed….

When two men, specifically, get together for sex, the “recipe“ generally goes something like this: stroke cock, suck cock, fuck…CUM…

What happens when two men get together with the express intention of focusing on absolutely none of these rigid expectations or goals?

What happens is ECSTASY…BLISS…not just Bliss, but whole-body ORGASMIC bliss. Unfortunately, in the endless pursuit to get it on and get off, very few people have ever known the meaning of whole-body orgasmic bliss. Sometimes we hear guys rave about the past…those wild orgies of the 70's, you know...or if we’re in just the right company, we sometimes hear the proverbial tales of ancient times—maybe in ancient Rome or Greece or perhaps India…where there were special temples devoted to sexual celebration, healing and fun...

When was the last time you heard sexually ecstatic orgasmic bliss emanating from the houses in your neighborhood…let alone from a temple?

A man came to me for a session today. He told me, “This really feels strange…unusual…for two men to touch each other this way…”

And I said, “Strange? Which part of it appears out of the ordinary?”

And he said, “Men usually don’t touch each other this way.”

And I said, “What do you mean this way? I really honestly don’t know what you mean."

He was rather at a loss for words, a quiet man. He really couldn’t articulate what he meant, but as I tuned in, I was able to identify, at last, with what he was saying. Men do not normally touch one another tenderly, or so he believed. Men only touch women tenderly. It’s acceptable to touch women tenderly—in fact, it’s expected—but somehow, when it came to touching men, apparently another protocol had been unconsciously ordered. Apparently, the unconsciously-ordered protocol was for men to touch one another harshly, abruptly, strongly…

You know, man-like.

And then I had the pure delight of telling this man, “Yeah, that way of touching other men with strength and force and abruptness… Somehow we’ve come to call that “civilized“. You have to go to the so-called “uncivilized“ world to find those obscure tribes of men who still live together with other men in a remote oasis of Egypt, or in the tucked-away, obscure hidden, lost valleys of Old Mexico… Maybe there, in the “uncivilized world,” you can still find men who touch one another tenderly, as lovers… And they don’t even have to call it anything… Not even “gay”.

“But I’m happy to tell you,” I said to the man in my presence, “that even in the so-called civilized world, there are still a few very scattered and rare places where men still touch one another tenderly, with love and sweet affection and even full-on excitement. Such places are rare. There may only be a few left…but I’m very happy to tell you…You are in one of those places right now. This is it. Welcome home to the place where men still touch each other as lovers. Welcome home to my temple.”

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