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Dirty Underwear

Posted by Brad Amberheart on February 17, 2019 at 8:55 AM


Mexico City, Feb. 16, 2019

What I loved most about him was his fetish for tight binkini briefs...

Or...wait...let me start over...

What I really loved about him was the fact that his bedroom was a mess...there wasn't even any room on his bed for us to fuck

in between piles of...

dirty underwear.


It's fun to let go of it.

On one hand, there's the fucking exquisite delight of getting tied up...

and on the other hand...

There's the complete loss of all sense of being in control

which happens when you go to a guy's house you've never met




"You could have been KILLED," I could hear my friends saying.  "Are you fucking KIDDING ME?"

What I know is that people watch way too much fucking television...

If only they could catch a glimpse into my world...


Everything in me said YES.  His pictures, his voice on the phone...and most of all, that filthy fucking guardian angel of mine who never leads me astray.  I'm also a big boy with lots of experience who happens to have really good street sense.  I sent a WhatsApp message to a friend to let him know I was going on a hot sex date at a guy's house who had a great vibe and looked hot in his underwear, then headed out the door.

The action was hot and heavy.

He couldn't get enough of my crotch...groping, grasping, squeezing my balls through the tight underwear he had begged me to try on...a thong which couldn't possibly hold my trhobbing dick, but nonetheless, all he wanted was to feel me, throbbing, wearhing his ultra-gay tight lycra bikini...

I LOVED his black, beautiful curly hair, his hungry-animal face, his horny fucking eyes that couldn't get enough....

Like ravenous animals, we groped, growled, and nibbled one another' sflesh until we were both in a frenzy...and without a word--in Spanish or in English--we let ourselves surrender into being complete carnal PIGS who just didn't give a fucking damn how crude, vulgar, or down-right insensitive we looked...

We both loved every fucking dick-throbbing minute of it...





Thank you, GOD

for completley unpretentious, overtly crnal, nasty-ass fucking SEX


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