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Learning to Cherish Life (Even When it Sucks)

Posted by Brad Amberheart on March 14, 2019 at 10:15 AM

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I'm a Tantrica.  What that means is that I treat everything in my life as an experiment.  Today, I would like you to join me in a brand-new experiment:  Listen to this soundtrack from YouTube while you read these words, which I wrote while listening to the same thing you're listening to now.

In Tantra, we say "Everything is an Experiment".  That's what my teacher taught me, and what his teacher taught him.  Life is about finding new ways to experience things.  What was once "routine" becomes a brand-new, life-giving experience.  This applies to SEX, as well as walking, talking, and breathing.  When, for instance, was the last time you walked through busy city streets while paying exquisite attention to every single breath you take?  When was the last time you had dinner in the middle of your living room floor, naked, with your lover--or best friend?  

Osho once said, "Routine is death."  Try things a different way.  If you always wear red, see what it's like to wear black.  It might have bland results, but you won't know until you try.  For all we know, black could be your new red.

Maybe this music sounds foreign, strange, or even weird?  Maybe it delights your heart and inspires you?  The secret is in noticing how you're inspired.  Even what is uncomfortable and unfamiliar can give us valuable information.  Taking time to notice what we don't like gives us valuable insight into what we really DO want!  If we're resisting, then what are we resisting exactly?  What makes us uncomfortable?  After all, this is only a song.  We're not stuck with this experience forever.  Before we know it--maybe even just precisely at the moment when we start to say, "Hey, I kind-of am starting to like this rhythm and blending of voices"--it's over.

We might feel stuck in our job, or in our relaitonship.  But all in all, like a song, this will be the only time you hear it, and then it's gone.  Pretty soon you'll realize that your relationship, home, and job all are passing as well, in their own way.  None of us will live on Earth in this body forever, right?  All in all, it's time to pay attention and wake up to what's happening right now, because for better or for worse, it's passing by like water under the bridge.  

We can learn to celebrate everything.  Even the grief, sadenss, and anguish are another side of our passion.  Yes, even grief, sadness, and anguish are signs that we passionately love someone or something enough to evoke such a strong emotion.  Let it move!  Let it be!  Allow it to exist in a safe space, where your words and actions may bring no harm, but only serve to propel you to the next echelon of your existence.  Amen, and Blessed Be. 

Learn.  Grow.  Allow new insights.  This is the message of Tantra.  



Asheville, North Carolina, USA

14 March 2019

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