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BRAD'S STORY: How I Cured My First STI by Having JOYOUS SEX!

Posted by Brad Amberheart on June 5, 2019 at 11:30 AM

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I only had one sexually transmitted infection in my entire life. I contracted anal warts when I first started having sex in my early 20s. I was scared of disease, especially AIDS, and I was coming out in 1998, at a time when gay people literally got screamed-at in the street in Fairbanks Alaska for being gay and lots of names were still being added to AIDS memorials.


This is the story of how my first and only sexually transmitted infection actually became a catalyst for me to hitchhike from Alaska to San Francisco and live my life wide open. Needless to say, my warts were cured and never came back, and since then, every sex partner has become a collaborator in our mutual journey home to who we really are, and the full celebration of our lives. Our JOYOUS FUCKING SEX blesses us with ultimate health and vitality. Gay-MEN, and Hallelujah!

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