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The Summer of Love: Is it time for farewell?

Posted by Brad Amberheart on September 2, 2021 at 9:25 AM

It’s that time of the year again, when I sit on my front porch, take a deep breath, and prepare to say farewell…


It scares me and saddens me sometimes, just thinking about “farewell”…The word itself conjures up grief, let alone when it comes that time of the year when it’s time to gather up the memories I’ll most want to keep in my heart when the nights become longer than the days…


Don’t get me wrong—I love all 4 seasons. That’s why I live in Appalachia, a place with 4 distinct seasons. I love crisp autumn skies, snowflakes, skiing, and the cascading blossoms of spring, but hey—there’s just nothing quite like the jock-strap love affairs of summer, which is why I’m particularly excited to share some FUN news with you…


I got to be a professional “fluffer” this summer! Yeah, I know…it’s a fucking tough job, but somebody’s got to do it, right? The orgasmic result is that the heat of Summer 2021 will live on not only in my heart, but on film!


“Summer of Love” is a series of authentic, get-real gay sex videos filmed in New York in June. The producer and director asked me if I had any input on how to capture real-life sex hook-ups on film. They asked me, “How can we film the sex as if no one is there, yet somehow surmount the insurmountable fact that there’s a film crew in the room?” The strategy was to reduce the number of people in the room so that the Lovers could fuck like nobody’s watching, but they still thought my input as an on-set sex and intimacy coach might help the guys relax and get into their groove…

So they asked me to coach the guys into states of sexual ecstasy from a thousand miles away! Initially, the idea was for me to coach the guys on set via Zoom, but that didn’t feel sexy and fun to me—at all—so instead, I suggested a better plan…


The plan was to have 1-on-1 conversations with each guy before his sex hook-up over the phone. All of them were meeting up with guys they had had sex with at least once before, and so when I talked to them, I asked them certain questions with the full intention of making them hard. (Fuck, I love my job!).


“What turns you the fuck on when you think about the last time you two fucked?” I would ask them, then I would carefully listen to their answers. The excitement was so potent that I could just about feel their cocks swelling and their assholes tingling, vibrating through New York City.


I encouraged them to tease each other, beginning a few days before the shoot, but not to CUM. This can be really difficult for some guys—especially men in their 20’s and 30’s—but when you watch these videos, you’ll see that something in our strategy paid off! The second video was released this week, and the 3rd one comes out on Sept. 27. We now have three smoking-hot gay sex videos, filled with raw, unfiltered, primal summer lust and the sweetest and most luscious man-on-man fun!


Ahhhh…the summer of love! My underwear collection—still scattered all over my playroom with the windows raised—is a testimony that I’ve had a lot of fun this summer. I’m leaving it there for the time being, except for my beach attire, which I’m putting in a little back-pack and taking to Florida this weekend. I’m not quite ready for my “summer of love” to be over, and besides…thanks to the art of erotic film, not to mention the stories which live in my heart, “summer” is most definitely an eternal state of mind.


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My favorite lover and me in bed, one hot summer day

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