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HOLY FUCK--an excerpt to excite our porn-saturated imaginations

Posted by Brad Amberheart on April 25, 2019 at 10:25 PM

I was literally inside of him for an hour and half or more. Wild joyous buttfucking got interspersed with complete stillness. At times, there was no movement other than the rise and fall of our synchronized breathing. Once, I guided him to see the ocean, the warm ocean, rising and falling gently, at dawn…

Stillness came so full-on that it was clear and evident to me that a reconfiguration was happening. So great was the sense of joy and happiness and embrace that I recognized how easy it was for the restructuring, the realignment, to take place…and so I welcomed it, out loud: “Alignment. Reconstitution. Re-congnition. Restructuring. Reconfiguration. So it is!”

The effect of my strong, affirmative words in the midst of complete butt-fuck bliss was evident. His movements and growls and moans intensified, even as we settled into deeper and deeper states of simultaneous relaxation and arousal. I gyrated my pelvis round and round, working my tool deep in his ass, adding circular movements, round and round, to let him feel the girth of my dick all the way around the muscles of his ass, gently—yet firmly—stretching him out in every direction.

I wondered when men would learn that great assfucking can’t be measured in inches. The way I was working the full perimeter of his excited hole, he must’ve felt like my girth was at least twice what it actually was. Is circular pelvic motion still a secret? I wondered. Why are all of the motions (in porn) always in and out, like a fucking jack-hammer? I mean, that has some appeal, maybe the first 5, 10, or 100 times I see it…but what about a guy really dancing inside a guy’s ass, feeling every sensation in his whole body while drilling that ass so passionately that he forgets his fucking name? I would love to create some porn while I go to town on a guy’s ass. I bookmarked that thought…

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