Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

in the most Ancient Mountains on Earth
2018 Dates:  Aug. 7-15, 20-23, Sept. 24-26, Oct. 1-4

Looking for a session at my inviting home studio in Asheville?  Click HERE for indoor studio sessions & rates.


You'll be coming to some of the most Wild, Remote, Beautiful places in the Eastern US.   Remarkably, most of these exquisite, wild places are within 2.5-3 hours of Atlanta and Charlotte airports, and within 1-2 hours of Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC airports.  


Guided sessions 1-on-1 or with your favorite lover/partner.  

Sessions combine high states of erotic arousal with breath, movement, sound and lots of fun play!  You're asked to bring an intention for growth and new awareness.  All sessions require a 20-minute phone conversation with Brad or his booking assistant, Norm, to answer any questions you may have and get you ready for an authentic transformational experience in erotic ecstasy!  

HOW DO I BOOK IT?  Brad will want to know more about you and what makes you tick!  Click here to answer 10 Questions to Activate Sexually Ecstatic Pleasure and Erotic Fun and send them to Brad!  He'll be giving you a call back shortly.

To read more about Tantra and what happens in a Tantric-Erotic session, click here.

(Discounts available for Asheville locals & returning clients)

$425 for 3-hour Outdoor Tantric-Erotic Session

$595 for 5-hour-long Ecstatic Tantra-in-Nature Immersion
 (1-on-1 or couple, includes picnic lunch or dinner)

Do you find yourself getting excited over the idea of 2-on-1 or 2-on-2 mind-blowing erotic fun?  Outdoor rates for 2-on-1 or 2-on-2 are the same as indoor (3-hour minimum, evenings and weekends only).  Go to this link for details:

Interested in having an even deeper guided Tantra immersion in nature?  Contact Brad about overnight and multiple-day options:

is an adventure in itself!  Session rendez-vous are generally set up in half-day (5-hour) time blocks so that once you've made the journey, you'll be able to make the MOST of this unique and life-transforming experience.  See "accommodations" for details on where you can overnight.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time.  Schedule a Half-Day!

It takes time to settle into the great outdoors, breathe, relax, and thoroughly indulge yourself in all of the excitement you can stand!    Outdoor sessions start at 3 hours (Rate 425).  Want to dive even deeper into Tantric-erotic discovery?  I'm also offering half-day personalized retreats, 5 hours long, including an extended session, outdoor fun, and dinner or lunch for $595.  Rate applies for 1-on-1 OR a couple's session.)


Session locations are a relatively easy day trip from Asheville  (2 hours) or possibly Atlanta (3 hours each way).  If you would prefer to overnight, a variety of accommodations are available nearby.   Choose from high-end mountain lodges, a rustic mystical retreat center, or even camping with your coach, Brad, who happens to be an experienced outdoorsman.  (Ask about overnight and multiple-day personalized ecstatic Tantra immersions, which include 2-3 sessions per day, meals, and camping/retreat accommodations.)

Brad's available dates for Outdoor Sessions
2 weeks advance notice suggested.  To book, read all details on this page, then call Brad at 828-424-6733 and get ready for a life-transforming experience!  

August 7-14, 20-23
Get Naked * Get Sweaty * Fully Express Your Erotic Animal!

SEPT. 12-17:  NAKED Beach sessions, Provincetown, MA
Start with beach-wrestling in your underwear or thong, journey with me to one of my favorite secluded spots, and get naked!   Learn to stir up high levels of ecstatic energy, merge with your surroundings, and create a COMPLETELY SAFE space for full-throttled expression, right out in the open! (Tent also available for even more privacy and sweaty fun!)  Click here to answer 10 questions to Activate Sexually Ecstatic Pleasure and Erotic Fun!  Include your phone number and preferred times to receive a call back from Brad or his booking assistant, Norm, shortly.

Autumn Splendor at the Lake
Western North Carolina

Meet me at what I consider to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, in complete privacy and seclusion, in the full splendor of autumn.  Just 2 hours west of Asheville, 1 hour west of Cherokee, and 3 hours north of Atlanta.

To BOOK, PLEASE CLICK HERE to answer "10 Questions to Activate Sexually Ecstatic Pleasure and Erotic Fun" and look for a call-back from Brad or his booking assistant, Norm, shortly!

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