Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

I’m excited about filming creative, evolutionary gay erotic content with cinematographers who fit the following criteria:

· Ideally, you’re based in or near Asheville, NC or willing to periodically travel there for periods of a week, two weeks, or more.  Your cinematographic contributions may even be part of an apprenticeship exchange with me.

· If you’re based in Boston, Provincetown, Palm Springs/Joshua Tree, or Mojave Preserve (1 hour west of Las Vegas), I may be interested in on-location shoots in your area. 

· You have an eye for lighting and aesthetic and are skilled—naturally or by training—in capturing authentic, exciting, whole-body sexual intimacy between men on camera.

·  You know how to get clear, vibrant, beautiful shots and close-ups on a hand-held camera or iPhone for video shoots lasting 1-3 hours.  Great-quality shots capture the potency and intimacy--yes, even on an iPhone when the one holding the camera is a person who's passionately-connected and present with the action.

·  A more advanced cinematographer will have access to more sophisticated professional-grade equipment and will have experience filming higher-production-value footage.