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I've already written some of the most profound GAY SEX stories on Earth.  

I write them by hand, while I'm still immersed in the "after-glow," following the sessions of 1-on-1 transformational erotic ecstasy which I conduct...frequently.  

One of the first stories I published was in audio form, as Ep. 1 of my Podcast, Gay Tantra.  You can also see other samples of my writing--ranging in quality from completely raw to more polished--in my blog.  I have literally dozens of stories in journals, notebooks, and even on my hard drive...ready to be polished and published.  

I'm seeking a proficient copy editor who also has knowledge of how to help my writing reach the masses of people who are hungry for it!

You're a PERFECT Candidate if you're ready to:

  • Professionally Edit and Finalize Blog Entries, Articles, and Stories/Chapters for publication

  • Help me connect my written and audio content with a large, thirsty audience via vibrant, effective publishing outlets

If you already know that you're the right person to help me steward my writing into the hands of my eager, waiting audience, please--by all means--click here to fill out my application!

Sitting with a lifetime of expression:  I dug writing out of boxes while I was home by myself with covid during Christmas, 2021.  It's marked with post-it notes and ready to edit and be fucking READ with PIG-SQUEALING JOY by eager, thirsty audiences.  YAY-us!