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Dynamic Sex and Intimacy Coaching for Men and Their Lovers

Imagine a safe, nurturing, and arousing space where you and your lover, partner, spouse, or play buddy can step in and know that you're completely free to explore together, free of distractions or interruptions, with the support of an experienced, kind compassionate, and attentive sex and intimacy coach!  Yum!

Bring your long-term partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, or even your favorite play buddy for two or more hours of guided tantric ecstasy!  This is an opportunity to take erotic connection and conscious sexual fun to the next level! 

"How Can TANTRA Enhance My Sex Life with My Lover?"

I'm a professional coach of Tantra and transformational erotic ecstasy.  I'll be giving you and your lover all of the space you need to get excited, explore, and play...while also being available to offer you my skills, support, and--if desired--my energetic participation as a coach in breathing, touch, sound, movement, and creative erotic exploration!  You'll probably find that the greatest gift offered to you in this session is a safe place to surrender into complete freedom and authentic expression with each other.  


I'm based in Asheville, NC, in the beautiful southern Appalachian Mountains, where I can arrange a session with you in my inviting home studio or even OUTDOORS in the nearby mountains (

The exploration of tantric-erotic ecstasy between two lovers has tremendous capacity for creating significant change in our lives, not to mention the world as a whole.  

We might feel powerless in the face of what is happening around us, but Tantra returns us to a deep inner knowing which says, "YES!  There IS something powerful and REAL happening inside of me."  When we connect with that power, those things we once saw as "obstacles" become our fuel for vitality. 

Among many things, Tantric sexual expression takes us into higher states of awareness by allowing our energy circuits to open up more so that we can enjoy the movement and deep pleasure of ecstatic erotic energy.  Once this energy rises from deep in the core of our being, it enhances our mental clarity and brings us into much deeper connection with everything that holds power, meaning, and truth for us on a day-to-day basis, in all aspects of our lives.  If you've been finding yourself wanting to explore higher states of energy, awareness, and fun with your lover(s), you probably would enjoy this article I wrote:   Hot Sexual Magic for Gay Male Lovers.  

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Couples Session Rates:
Come see me for an In Call at one of my play spaces, or pick a place of lodging that you really like when you Asheville, NC.  I'm happy to refer you to promising places you can stay and play!

/ 2 hours

$575/ 3 hours

Multi-Session Packages and Personalized Retreat Options are also available.  Just ask!

Do you think a couples' Tantric sex coaching session might benefit you and your lover?  If so, the next step is for both of you to fill out my 7 Provocative Questions for Couples.  I'll compare notes (confidentially) from your two sets of answers, then master-mind your session!  I'll then talk with at least one of you by phone to set up your session, series of sessions, or personalized retreat!