Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

Skilled * Exhilarating * Relaxing * Arousing * Nourishing * Replenishing * EXCITING
Enjoy whole-body touch to meet you full-on in your arousal and excitement
ranging from feather-light
to deep 
with gentle stretching, opening, and expansion

on a table, mat, or firm bed


(on a bed, table, or mat, depending on location).  

90 min/275

Indulge in whole body, man-to-man fun, combined with skilled muscular MAN-sage on a massage table, wrestling mats or nice, firm bed!  

Plan to start off slow and let the arousal build in your body while you receive deep, loving, strong, relaxing, and energizing touch throughout your whole body.  I'll be using the friction and energy of my whole body to excite you and arouse you to the max, while simultaneously using conscious strokes, from feather-light to deep, to spread energy outward from your excited mid-section to the rest of your tingling, aroused body.  Throughout this high-energy session, I'll simultaneously guiding you to move your body, make some noise, and fully express yourself.  The result:  You'll become energized from head to toe, writhing in a state of whole-body excitement that most men rarely--if ever--experience, and you'll able to take this experience and enjoy what you've learned here with other men, for the rest of your life!  

I’ll be inviting you to state an intention for what you would like to create or invite into your life (as well as what you may like to let-go of).   Expressed intention takes excitement and intimacy between men to a whole new level.

We’ll be engaging in the most primal form of erotic magic and manifestation using breath, movement, sound, and LOTS of body-to-body excitement for 90 full minutes!  Get ready to fully release your inhibitions and have a grand-spanking good time while gaining brand-new insights into what really matters the most to you in life.

Please answer "10 Questions to Activate Transformational Sexual Pleasure & Erotic Fun" to share your most joyous desires, as well as preferred times for me to call you, and look for a call back from me!

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Here's a picture of me enjoying "learning the ropes" with my lover.