Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

Skilled * Exhilarating * Relaxing * Arousing * Nourishing * Replenishing * EXCITING
feather-light to deep touch 
with gentle stretching, opening, and expansion

on a table or mat * in calls only


(table to mat).  

90 min. $195 (US)

Indulge in whole body, man-to-man fun, combined with skilled muscular MAN-sage on a massage table or wrestling mats!  Plan to start off slow and let the arousal build in your body while you receive deep, loving, strong, relaxing, and energizing touch, as well as stretches to relax your muscles and open your body to deeper levels of sensation, pleasure, and enjoyment.  After you’ve had some time to thoroughly indulge in letting ago and receiving, you can invite the level of contact you’re ready to enjoy!  

I’ll be inviting you to state an intention for what you would like to create or invite into your life (as well as what you may like to let-go of).   

We’ll be engaging in the most primal form of erotic magic and manifestation using breath, movement, sound, and LOTS of body-to-body excitement for 90 full minutes!  Get ready to fully release your inhibitions and have a grand-spanking good time while gaining brand-new insights into what really matters the most to you in life.

*2-men-on-1 expert tandem sessions also available starting at $295 for 90 minutes.  Advanced scheduling required.  Just ask!

TO BOOK Click Here to answer "10 Questions to Activate Transformational Sexual Pleasure & Erotic Fun"  and look for a call back form me to start your session!  Most sessions require 3 to 7 days' notice or more for booking.

Body Electric Taoist Erotic Session 

on a Table

2 hours, $195 (US)

(includes approx. 30 minutes of instruction in breathwork, sound, and intention-setting)

The Body-Electric Taoist Erotic Session is a focused, intentional form of erotic ritual which can allow the recipient to transcend his ordinary daily existence and find a deeper marriage between his sexual and spiritual selves.  This is a very potent healing modality first developed by Joseph Kramer, founder of the Body Electric School, which is still being used in beginner and advanced Body Electric workshops world-wide.  We’ll begin by going over some breaths and sounds that you can use to excite and energize your body while you’re being touched.  You’ll then have a full session on a massage table, in which you’re invited to fully receive invigorating, arousing touch all over your body while you continuously focus on breathing and moving energy throughout your body.   Typically, the recipient is blindfolded, unless he has a strong aversion to blindfolds.  Blindfolding accentuates the reality that what we’re doing here today is—essentially—an erotic ritual which has its roots in ancient times, when men would gather in groups to experiment with other realms of consciousness by way of ecstatic erotic touch.  Blindfolding encourages the recipient to focus on his own inner journey and to finally—at last—be free of that nagging old story which says that we have to please somebody else before we can actually deserve to receive pleasure ourselves.  Today, it’s ALL about you!  I find this practice to be a very important gateway for men who are ready to realize the deep connection between male-to-male eroticism, spirituality, and life purpose.

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