Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

for MEN
Get Together, Get as Excited as You can Stand, and Weave some Magic!

For 15 years, I've been guiding MEN into states of heightened erotic ecstasy for mental clarity, health, and vision.  I teach guys how to combine states of heightened erotic arousal with breath, movement and sound to enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  

The objective is simple:  to get as excited as hell and recognize that high levels of prolonged pleasure and excitement--interspersed with deep relaxation and bliss--are a major catalyst for health, well-being, and new insights.

The formula is really quite simple: 

Step 1) GET NAKED or put on whatever fetish gear (underwear, jock strap, wrestling gear, leather...) excites you the most.  

Step 2) Get EXCITED until you think you're as excited as you can get...and prepare to let me excite you even more.  

Step 3) ENGAGE IN CONSCIOUSNESS-ALTERING BREATH. MOVEMENT. SOUND.  Let me guide you how to breathe from head to toe, shake out our body, beat on the mattress, move and undulate your body in sync with me, and make noise so that the excitement spreads throughout your whole body.  

Step 4) AFFIRMATIVE MAGIC.  You and I will periodically speak out loud the words which remind us of what matters most to us in our lives right now.  We’re going to be using the tool of positive affirmation, combined with whole-body arousal, to anchor in our life‘s passions, dreams, and aspirations, so that they can become reality. When we are in a highly aroused state, we are highly suggestible.  What that means is we can use this opportunity to reprogram our bodies so that we are in a more true and passionate alignment with who we are, what we are, and what we really want to do in this world!

When was the last time anyone ever told you that when you get hard and get excited with another guy, you have the potential to mend your body and bring new vitality to your life…and even to the world?  Today's the day!

1-on-1 RATES:  275 for 2 hours; 375 for 3 hours.
2 hours is normally the minimum amount of time required to become completely immersed in passionate, soulful, erotic engagement and enjoy STAYING THERE for awhile.  If you have a strong financial need and can call me and clearly answer the 5 questions below, chances are that I can find a way to work with you.

To book a transformational ecstatic EROTIC MAGIC & HEALING session, call 828-424-6733.
(No texts please, unless you actually are deaf or mute.  It's a pleasure to hear your VOICE).
 I'm often in session or busy writing or making transformational audio/video recordings, so if you get my voicemail, PLEASE LEAVE A VOICEMAIL and tell me:

 1)   What really excites the fuck out of you when you think about this transformational erotic session?
2) What's really up in your life right now?  What's changing? 
3) Where do you call home?
4) When/where you were planning to get together with me?
 and 5) What are the 3 best times I can return your call?

 I respect your privacy and will only return your call if you provide a number and provide a choice of 3 specific times when you might like to be called.

If your desired session time is more than 4 days from now and you would prefer writing to me as first contact, then I welcome you to take this opportunity to indulge in answering 10 Questions to Activate Transformational Sexual Pleasure and Erotic Fun.  I'll have the great pleasure of reading your answer to these provocative questions, and I'll call you at the number you provide with 3 preferred times to be called.

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