Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men


Saturday Evening, June 29 
Asheville, North Carolina, USA

facilitated by Mahan Kalpa Khalsa, local Body Electric Coordinator, Asheville


RE-DEFINE "SEXY," break the routine, and discover ecstatic erotic sensation, head to toe and cock to heart!

Good Evening Gentlemen!

It's time to celebrate summer and relish the pure blissful fuckin' GLEE of touching and being touched by other naked men! This is a special event which focuses on whole-body stimulation, using cock-and-ball pleasure as a generator, rather than the end-all goal. The type of touch we're giving and receiving tonight is designed to activate the whole body, cock to heart and head to toe, rather than the exclusively cock-and-ball focused approach we've become so accustomed to in our lives.

This is a drug-and-alcohol-free event. Why? We're focusing on a natural high that we get when in the company of a room full of erotically-charged, excited MEN! YEAH!

Is this a Sex Party?

No. That's next Saturday, July 6

Lots of us LOVE sex, but tonight, we're playing by another set of rules, where where we're focusing on whole-body touch (ie. whole body, way beyond the genitals, without oral or anal penetration) designed to EXCITE the fuck out of us while we breathe, move, and make noise to take our bodies into higher states of pleasure--even higher than we might normally get in a "standard sex scene".

What does it feel like to ride the wave of erotic pleasure with a group of men, without sucking, fucking, or even cumming? Cum find out!

What Gave you Asheville Guys the Idea to DO This Anyway?

Many of the principles we're employing tonight were initiated by the famed Body Electric School in an era when men literally feared for their lives and were looking for ways to connect with other men which minimized their level of risk while maximizing their pleasure! Three decades later, with so many barriers removed, we're still celebratingwhole-hearted, whole-body ways to connect which actively enhance our health and well-being. A lot of us do a lot of "suck-and-fuck". Tonight is an opportunity to settle into deeper connection, with many "tired old" agendas removed. Instead of the "routine," we're inviting a more whole-body kind of pleasure.

Whole-body erotic massage with a diverse group of men is an eye-opening, wonderful, cock-throbbing way to enjoy a Tribal erotic connection. Come ENJOY!


Each man will have the opportunity to give and receive several rounds of whole-body massage over the course of the evening. We will be randomly paired by other men. Distracted by what you see around you? Not sure if he's your "type"? Let go and enjoy the blissful sensations of your body, heart, and mind! OooYEAH! This type of communion has been created to begin to focus on your own pleasure, rather than focusing too much on who's massaging you and what they look like. There will even be blindfolds avaialble, which can help you focus on your own bodily pleasure when you're receiving, if you want to use them! Everyone's boundaries will be respected. You get to ask for the type of touch you enjoy, and you're also free to say what types of touch you don't enjoy!


Yes, as a matter of fact, there ARE!  Since this isn't a sex party and we're instead focusing on exploring new kinds of touch in a place where men of all experience levels are welcome, there are a few limits to the kinds of touch we share here, namely:

  • No oral or anal penetration
  • No kissing
  • Just whole-body, cock-to-heart, man-to-man FUN, where you as a recipient are always free to ask for exactly the type of touch you most enjoy!

I'm surprised there's no kissing. Why?

Well, kissing is a very personal, intimate activity that not everyone is ready to share with everyone, so instead, we're inviting you to focus on the electric sensation of erotic FUN in your whole body, while being massaged by other men. Feel free to ask anyone you like for their phone number if you want to meet up later, and oh--by the way--there is a full-on ORGY next weekend, all day on Saturday, July 6, for those who might might enjoy an even more overtly sexual space for men. For into on next week's all-out play party for men, you can go to

to the Asheville Men's Erotic Massage Exchange
Saturday, June 29, 6:30-9:30 PM EDT