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Announcing the Video Release of
with Brad Amberheart and Norm Self

It's time to CELEBRATE a foundational shift in gay porn...and redefine "Sexy"

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Norm Self in "The Blessing of the Elder"--October 2017

Rev. Norm Self with Max Adonis, Adam Ramsey, Calvin Banks, and Alexander Mecum in "The End of Ageism"--Sept. 2018.

Rev. Norm Self & Rev. Brad Amberheart in "Fuck Me with your Whole Body"--Amsterdam, January 2019


My house-mate and long-term lover and friend, Norm Self, became the "world's oldest gay porn star" in 2017, when I cast him in a short erotic film I wrote.  THE BLESSING OF THE ELDER was an evolutionary, never-before-attempted form of erotica, which featured Norm self-pleasuring on the front porch in a rocking chair.  We dedicated the video to birthing a new vision for the role elders play in sending our blessings to younger men in the world, even when many of us sit alone, masturbating...

The world wanted more.  People literally wrote to us and asked us whey they didn't get to see this man engaged erotically in his soulful, sexually-exuberant way, with younger men.  So we made another film--The End of Ageism--in which we got to find out--live on camera--how 4 YOUNG MALE PORN STARS would interact with an 84-year-old when asked to take one step closer to changing the world view of what "sexy" means.

Viewers for hungry for more.  Guys wanted to see MORE of one day, while on the phone with Davey Wavey, proprietor and creator of Himeros TV, we collaborated in yet another over-the-top vision...

You see, Norm's popularity world-wide had led to radio interviews, and naturally, the next step was TELEVISION.  A British television series called "The Sex Business" caught word of Norm and asked him if he was planning to be in Europe anytime soon for any more film shoots.  We didn't have Norm slated for any more films.  How much more could the world take of an 84-year-old dick?  Apparently a lot!  Television wanted Norm!  So we started writing more film concepts that included HIM, and on January 24, Norm and I landed in AMSTERDAM for his 3rd erotic film shoot!

This time, we cast Norm in 3 videos!  We wanted to show the world that sexually ecstatic pleasure was possible for men of ANY age, and Norm was the perfect model!  Now, mind you...Norm and I met at my very first Tantra workshop in 2007, and we've been exploring ecstatic Tantric eroticism for 12 years since then, so naturally, the perfect partner for Norm to express his soulful, erotic self with, on camera, was none other than ME!  

So here we are--Norm Self and I myself--doing everything we can, in front of TWO film crews, in Amsterdam on a January day, to show the world what whole-body sexual pleasure looks like.  We felt in our hearts that our ecstatic inter-generational escapade would open some eyes, and hopefully some hearts, to the ever-broadening range of what's possible between lovers of all types.  We were ready to show the world a way to make love with your whole heart...and your whole body.  We purposefully refrained from fucking with our cocks in this video, in lieu of broadening horizons and expanding the global vision of what sexual ecstasy and WHOLE-BODY FUCKING might look like!

Our video from Amsterdam was just released last week, and I'm so excited to share it with you!

Granted, whole-body fucking is different every time!  Ours was just one scenario, but we hope it inspire YOU to create innumerable renditions of whole-body, whole-hearted sexual ecstasy yourself!

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