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The Saturday-Night Double Feature:




a dick-to-dick, body-to-body playshop for men, devoted to the fine art of exciting the fuck out of yourself and your partners!

Tantric Sex coaches Brad Amberheart and Will Tantra, demonstrating whole-body sex techniques to a group of eager men at a retreat near Albany, NY.  The class was filmed and released as the video Connect the Dots--yours for FREE when you sign up for the Fuck Me with Your Whole Body Class AND the play party afterwards!

Saturday, May 22
5:30-7:30 PM and 8 PM - Midnight  
Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Two Events--One Ticket


Receive a free Tantric Sex Coaching video for free when you sign up for the SATURDAY NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE.  

Be sure to select SATURDAY NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE from the ticket menu.  You'll receive a free download code in your registration packet.  Hurry!  Only 10 Double-Feature tickets are available! 

Tickets are available only via advance purchase.
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Learn how to Work Your Tool in Ways You Never Dreamed!
Join a Room-Full of Excited Men as We Consciously Explore:

*Full-Frontal Dick-to-Dick, Man-to-Man Fun *
*Whole-Body Orgasmic Ecstasy Using Breath-Movement-Sound *  
*Ejaculation Control & Extended Climax *
*Ecstatic Edge-Play Excitement*


Come play with us!

 This workshop is going to be a fucking DELICIOUS playground for taking our sex lives to a whole new level, every day!  We're going to leave here with a whole creative tool belt designed to enhance every sexual encounter we have...  This workshop is also a perfect warm-up for tonight's Spring Jack-Off, Edge-Play, & Kink Fest! 

Have you become a bit bored with the quick "get in-get off-get out" routine?
How would it feel to get as fucking excited as you can stand with other men, and stay excited and "surf the wave" of bliss for as long as you like??
Would you like to learn new ways to delay your ejaculation and enjoy a more prolonged, multiple-peak, extended climax experience?

This party warm-up space is a a place for excited adult MEN to practice, witness, and LEARN the following:


Go way beyond the standard rub-and-tug we learned in gym class in middle school.  It’s time to graduate to University Level jack-off fun!

Cultivate the art of cock-to-cock, full-frontal jack-off fun!

Experiment with body-to-body positions that can drive you and your buddy into a frenzy and open big, orgasmic energy channels in your body.

The Language of LET-GO
Learn how sound, body undulations, and experimental blindfolding can actually take you into states of whole-body orgasmic sensation...even when you're not hard.

Create a place where you can let go of daily concerns and free-fall into flight, knowing there is a net to catch you.

Learn how to set an intention before going into a sex-play session which will intensify and magnify the enjoyment.

Learn how to use breathing patterns, arousing movements, sounds, eye contact, and PC muscle (taint) contractions to control your ejaculation for as long as you like and surf the waves of whole-body orgasmic FUN with your lover! 

You'll have a chance to learn via live demos and small-group explorations.

Volunteer for a Live Demo with Brad!
Explore 1-on-1 with the support of other men!
...or just enjoy actively watching!

All activities in this play-shop are optional and we hope you'll follow your bliss and curiosity!

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"Is this Workshop for Me?"
Frequently-Asked Questions with Provocative Answers:


Is this a "Tantra" workshop?  This workshop is part of a whole Tantra-themed weekend, so what we're doing in this workshop is definitely Tantric.  What that means is that we're putting aside some of the basic assumptions of gay sex (ie. suck, fuck, cum) and exploring what happens when we make a conscious effort to spread our pleasure throughout our WHOLE body, just to see what happens and how much FUN we can have!

Will there be guys like me at this play-shop?  If you're an excited, adult male who LOVES the idea of getting naked in a group of men and being skillfully guided into states of deeper connection and whole-body pleasure with other men, then you will DEFINITELY be in the company of men just like you, who want the same!

I mean...will everyone there be young and fit...or old and fat?  There will be all kinds of men here.  The one thing we all have in common is that we LOVE to get excited in our bodies.  What's unique about this experience is that it's being created with a lot of consciousness and care, where every person here can find a way to enjoy himself.  Your pleasure is completely up to YOU!

Is it SAFE?  We're creating an environment which goes beyond "safe".  This is a place where excited men come to re-charge and enhance our vitality.  If these words are less-than-resonant for you or you have any concerns at all, please stay home.  

Should I consider using Viagra, Trimex, or similar erectile-enhancing implements?  No.  This is a 100% substance-free space, where we can freely explore relating with our whole bodies, with all "performance" pressures removed.  We also won't be doing any fucking at this event, so the pressure to be a "big stud" is totally off, Lover.

MORE INFO about "FUCK ME WITH YOUR WHOLE BODY" and how it came about:

Hi!  I'm Brad Amberheart, Tantric Sex Coach and practitioner of whole-body energy circuitry.  I've been working with gay and bi men, 1-on-1, for more than 15 years to cultivate the refined art of whole-body sexual ecstasy.

FUCK ME WITH YOUR WHOLE BODY is the distillation of nearly 20 years of personal exploration and discovery with other MEN, primarily face to face and dick to dick!  I learned to have the INCREDIBLE SEX with my WHOLE BODY.  It was so damned fun I didn't even realize that FUCKING had anything to do with putting your cock inside someone, until one night, after thrashing all around a guy's apartment, spurting cum all over each other, the bed, and the walls for hours, I was confused when he said, "Hey, Brad...have you ever fucked a guy?"  

My response was, "What've we been doing for the past 4 hours?"

Now, 20 years later, I find myself having joyous, over-the-top sexual experiences with men of all ages, races, sizes, colors, and types, and it's my wish for men everywhere to come to realize that the WORLD is FULL of EXCITING SEXUAL OPPORTUNITIES!  Yeah, I enjoy fucking ass now, and being fucked...but I enjoy it a WHOLE LOT more because the first priority is fucking with my whole body, and enjoying it so much that I don't even care anymore who's "top" or who's "bottom," because I'm cavorting in ecstasy with my lover, like dolphins in the pure, warm, sexy waters of this life, this human body, which I was given as a vehicle for PURE FUN! 

FUCK ME WITH YOUR WHOLE BODY is actually part of a whole series of workshops, along with accompanying videos, that will soon be appearing here at  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter RIGHT HERE so that I can keep you informed of upcoming opportunities to get together and get excited with other men! 

Can't Wait!