Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men






an ecstatic transformational pleasure experience for MEN!

facilitated by

Brad Amberheart
with Dynamic-Duo Wrestling Buddy  Jim Abbott

Sunday Afternoon, March 10, 2-6 PM

Spring Equinox, Thursday Evening, March 21, 6-10 PM

$30-50.  Price depends upon location and how far in advance you buy your ticket!  Space is limited, and the sale of any remaining tickets will be cut off 48 hours before the event. CLICK HERE to register and secure your spot! (Registration Link will be activated by no later than Jan. 24).

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Springtime is coming!

Men have WRESTLED 

since ancient times

for comraderie, revelry, and...well, let's face it...for PLEASURE!

That's right,

we're going to fully CELEBRATE the PLEASURE




(or in cute fuckin' shorts)

with other men

in a safe place

where the objective 





your wrestling buddy

as much as he can STAND


(get this)

you support him 

in living his life's dreams, visions, and purpose.


Get all of your questions answered, right here...

What do you mean, "support him in his life's dreams, visions, and purpose"?  How do you do that while you're pinning his ass to the ground?

Everything we do here is geared toward pleasure and fun, so you'll only be "pinning his (growling, shouting, whimpering) ass to the ground" if he LIKES IT!  We're going to be playing with EROTIC MAGIC.  The MAGIC element comes to life when you realize that the PRIMARY OBJECTIVE OF THIS GAME is to EXCITE THE LIVING FUCK out of your wrestling buddy in a place where he knows you're here to excite him, not defeat him.

And what about "supporting him in his life's dreams, visions, and purpose?

Yeah, that's the next part...EROTIC MAGIC is based on two factors:  1)  Erotic EXCITEMENT or AROUSAL and 2) Affirming what we really most desire.  So if your buddy, for instance, says that he really would like to enter into a career which is more true to who he is, and you KNOW that before you start to slide around in oil and excite his DICK, then you have the magical opportunity to HOLD A VISION FOR HIM in your HEART.  Furthermore, when HE gets so fucking excited he can barely stand it--and stays there awhile--he'll start to gain insights which will inform him of the next step to take to make his dreams become reality.

That's fucking WILD!  You mean you're turning a "competitive sport" into a sex-magic ritual?


Join a group of horny, enthusiastic men to experiment with the raising of erotic EXCITEMENT through collaborative body-contact play!  We’ve got a big, open room with lots of padding.  What fun!

Here are our basic guidelines for the Enjoyment of All:

  • We’ll be reviving an ancient rite of spring which has been practiced in cultures worldwide for time immemorial:  WRESTLING among MEN.  Enjoy being NAKED or enjoy wearing your favorite fetish gear (underwear, jock-strap, wrestling singlet...)  

We'll likely do some short exercises to exchange some massage, speak our desires and our fears, and create an appreciation for this unique and sweet chance to spend some fun naked time with our compadres!  We want to remind each other than when we excite one another, we raise energy which fuels our health, our vitality, and our clarity of mind.

We'll be gathering in a circle to surround the men who are wrestling in the center.  Each time we get ready to wrestle, we'll have an opportunity to say, yet again, what we most are ready to invite into our lives...what we dream of creating, embodying, or letting in!  Your wrestling buddies will all get to hear you!  Men will literally shout out and repeat to you what you said, while you're exciting the fuck out of yourself and your buddy at the center of the circle. 

  • This is NOT a competitive event!  We use the term “wrestling” to refer to EROTIC BODY-CONTACT with warm oil.  We’re aiming for arousal rather than any need to exhibit power over another.  Contrary to more traditional ideas about wrestling, what we’re doing here is aimed at doing our BEST to EXCITE THE LIVING FUCK out of our partner!  Fuck Yeah!

  • choose to wrestle only when you want to
  • This is a beautiful and HIGHLY EXCITING vision.  Picture this:  You’re writhing around naked with another guy in hot oil, and whenever one of you is ready to step OUT of the center of the circle, or whenever another guy is ready to step IN, one or the other of you two wrestlers can extend your hand and “tag out”.  It’s JUST that easy!  Wow!  What fucking FUN!  Your facilitator is getting VERY ERECT writing this!  My, the things we dream up…and watch them come true!

  • Writhing and squirming naked with other men is EXCITING!  So our facilitator, Brad, with the help of his favorite wrestling buddy Jimmy, will be demonstrating how to breathe, move, and make noise to move our erotic energy through our whole bodies.  In this way, whether you’re wrestling in the center or sitting in the circle, YOU can decide how excited you want to get and how long you want to stay excited!  When we stay in states of arousal for longer periods, our minds tend to clear and we're able to be more at home in our bodies.  Yum!

  •  No pressure.  Nobody here has to wrestle or jack off, but hey…if you’re excited, enjoy yourself to the fullest, in whatever way feels good!  Brad will be providing helpful tips in how to PROLONG and ENJOY full-body erotic pleasure using breath, movement, and sound.  You can tag into the center and “rassle” or you can sit and enjoy it while you stroke and massage your body!  Doesn’t that sound like FUN? 

More FAQ's pertaining to HOT GAY WRESTLING FUN:

Is it required that I be naked?  No.  We want you to do everything you can to enjoy the fuck out of yourself.  If you're not going to be naked, we recommend wearing something that turns you the fuck on just by wearing it, such as your favorite underwear, jock strap, wrestling gear...or...your birthday suit!

Am I expected to play with guys I don’t find attractive?  No, of course not!  In fact, you’re not expected to do anything at this playshop except show up and be completely present!  Being completely present might mean that you get excited in ways you never even expected--even by people you might not have noticed under other circumstances.

What do you mean when you say “be completely present”?  We live in a world where we often are distracted by many things, from phones to food to the substances we take into our bodies such as alcohol and drugs.  We’re inviting you to arrive sober and horny, turn off your phone when you get here, let go of the world outside, and relax into a place of just listening to your body, enjoying the feast before your eyes, and participating at any level—from sitting and breathing, to wrestling with a hard-on!

What exactly are we doing and why are we doing it?  We’re creating a place where adult MEN can get naked and enjoy something primordial and fun—like sliding around on each other’s bodies naked, making some noise, and…creating a community while we’re at it!  If we’re together, having fun, and not being too serious so much of the time, we have a better chance at finding friends, lovers, and fun companions to enjoy our lives with!  

You keep using the word “we”.  Who’s “we”?  We is us.  YOU are a part of the WE.  Together, WE create a world where we get to move beyond “I” and into a deeper connection with other people who are ready to enjoy life with us.

Is this a fuck-fest?  No.  That’s another day :-)  This is a great place to meet delicious fuckbuddies.  This is an orgasmically hot and fun naked time devoted to mutually-empowering wrestling play with a group of men who like to get naked and get body-to-body with other MEN.  All forms of mutually consensual body contact are welcomed EXCEPT sucking, fucking, or anal penetration.  Instead, we’re focusing on GETTING EROTICALLY EXCITED and enjoying that excitement as a tool for enhancing health, vitality, well-being, and community.  Ejaculation is completely welcomed, but not the main goal.  The main goal is prolonged pleasure and delight, which is enhanced by attention to breathing, moving, and making sound.  Facilitator Brad Amberheart and a couple of other exciting wrestlers in the room will be sharing viewpoints on how to make the most of our full-body excitement.  Yeah!

Space is limited and registration in advance is required so that we can send you thorough info to get yourself READY.  To get thorough registration info and to buy a ticket ($20-40, depending on how soon you buy it), follow this link:


(If this link still isn't active, it's because you were one of the first to see this page, while we were still getting our EventBrite schedule all booted up.  Please bookmark the page and come back in a week!)

Photos of Assfuck Wondertwins Brad & Jim by Asheville/Ft. Lauderdale-based photographer Irwin Fayne