Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men


An Intro to Whole-Body Sex Circuity, Sexual Magic, & Erotic Prayer

Part of the "Dream While You Fuck" Series

for Couples, Dynamic Duos, & Perverse Polyamorous Pods

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, United States of America 
Saturday Afternoon, July 13
2-6 PM

$59 per couple,
$79 per trio or Pod of 3 or more!


Space is limited to 16 people, so sign up early!


FIND YOUR WAY HOME to what turns you on the MOST using ecstatic body positions, verbal play, conscious breath, and liberation of your voice. 

Strengthen your ability to see visions and dreams while you make love!

Practice creating your life's dreams by using positive, strongly-affirmative language during sex

HEART 69 Q & A

Popular Questions with Candid Answers from Brad

Why's it Called "Heart 69"?

On the night Donald Trump was about to be elected, while most of America sat riveted to their televisions and screens, my lover Jim and I took 30-minute  turns asking each other for exactly what we wanted from each other.  For instance, I would ask him if he would be willing to rub his hard cock against mine and kiss me while we breathed.  (He happily obliged!)  He would ask me if I would be willing to massage him all the way up from toe to head, then back down again, and nibble his body everywhere it excited him.  (I happy obliged!)  In the process of discovering what we really wanted, we discovered body-contact positions which really excited us to the max! We practiced breathing, moving, and making ecstatic fuck-sounds while arousing ourselves from head to toe and toe to head in these various positions.  In the midst of it all, we found ourselves with our faces in each other's ass, moaning loudly, while our throbbing cocks pressed against each other's chests.  Hence the Heart69 was born, and we used it to not only survive--but thrive--the past 2 years.

Is Everyone who attends this workshop going to wind up in a Heart 69 position, eating each other's ass?

Yes, of course, but only if you really want to!  The #! rule in all of my workshops is that you'll be guided by pleasure, and only do what brings you pleasure and delight.  All exercises in this workshop are modify-able to suit the needs of you and your lover(s).  Yum!

Do you have to have a boyfriend to come to this workshop?  

You don't have to have a BOYFRIEND, per say, but you DO have to come to this workshop with someone besides yourself.  That someone (or someones) need(s) to be someone or someones with whom you have a juicy sexual-erotic relationship and with whom you would like to explore higher states of erotic arousal with heart-felt focus and intent.

Who can I bring to this workshop?

Bring your boyfriend, regular fuckbuddy, hot guy with whom you've had great sex with a time or two and want to explore more, or members of your polyamorous pod (a group of people with whom you are connected sexually and erotically).

Will I be expected to interact sexually or erotically with people I don't know at this worksop?

No!  The only person or people you'll be touching at this workshop is/are the one(s) you bring with you!  The purpose of this workshop is to increase the depth, potency, and pleasure of your sexual fun with lovers or fuckbuddies that you already know.  You will, however, get to be in the same room with other couples, trios, or pods who are enjoying each other at the same time that you're enjoying your lover(s), so get ready for a dynamic tribal energy under one roof!

Is this workshop open to other genders or just guys with penises?

The exercises in this workshop were created by two men with hard dicks, so they're most ideally-suited to guys who like to play with dick.  HOWEVER, if you have a trans-partner with other genitalia or a female partner, you could bring them to this play-shop and experiment with adapting the exercises to work for you!  Exercises are designed for you as a couple, trio, or pod to explore within the container you bring (ie. you won't be interacting erotically with other couples, trios, or pods), so bring it on!  In Tantra, we say "everything is an experiment," so all exercises are adaptable to configurations of other genders.

Is this a Tantra workshop?

Yes!  We'll be exploring several key principles from a Tantra lineage brought to this country by my teacher Rudy Ballentine: 


1)  The principle that everything is an experiment.

2)  The principle that there are multiple realities co-existing at one time, which we can see and experience when we apply some attention and focus

3)  The principle that everything we see outside of ourselves is a reflection of what we see inside, and vice versa

4)  The principle that when we make love, energy is ascending from our base to our crown, & descending from crown to base

5)  The principle that we each have a yin and a yang, which interface and collaborate.

6)  The principle of the healing power of pleasure