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How to Meet More MEN for
Tantric Sex

A series of forums for men who are ready to transform gay sex hook-up culture into something WAY MORE FUN!

Greetings, men of curiosity…and sex-driven desire!  Let’s face it, lots of us are horny.


We want better, more fulfilling sex, and we want more of it!


I've designed a multi-part online series for men who desire more sex, and more fulfilling sex.  I'm offering classes once or twice a month for several months with groups of men from all over the world to explore new possibilities for HOT sex hook-ups.  


Currently, I'm offering this series exclusively through the Tantra Love Academy.  TLA is an online academy for gay and bi men where upwards of 100 classes and events are offered each month by various teachers from all over the world!  Membership to TLA is only $25 per month, for access to 100+ classes for men.  

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Men who attend my "How to Meet More MEN for Hot (Tantric) Sex" series can expect the following:

Meet More Guys!
Enjoy MORE Sex, on a More Fulfilling Level
Learn how to CALL IN compatible lovers and fuckbuddies
Learn the foundational principles of Sacred Intimacy
Discover reliable ways to ensure EXCITEMENT on your sex date!
Explore TANTRA as it relates to dating, intimacy, and sex
Compare best strategies for successful hook-ups with other guys!
Go home and try new experiments!
Come back and share what you learned!

Brad Amberheart and Will Tantra in the Himeros TV video, Connect the Dots, teaching a class on whole-body erotic ecstasy to a group of eager men at Easton Mountain Retreat.  This class was intentionally filmed to demonstrate that ecstatic sexual fun can happen quite rapidly when we expand our definition of "hot" and dare to experiment with all kinds of men.

Brad Amberheart and Norm Self in Fuck Me With Your Whole Body.  At age 85, Norm turned out to be the best possible sex partner with whom I could effectively demonstrate whole-body orgasmic sex...the perfect candidate to claim the title of "World's Oldest Porn Star".

5 Steps to More Sex...More Often:

1.  BROADEN your SPECTRUM of Potential Partners.

Consider:  How willing are you explore different types of partners?  The reward will be that you'll get to enjoy great sex with guys whom you may not have always considered your "type".


Set a timer for 5 minutes.  Get out a piece of paper and a pen, write, "What I really want is..." and complete the sentence.  When you've completed the sentence, start over, and write, "what I really want is".  Once you get going, just keep writing everything you can in 5 minutes about the type of sex you want to have, the kinds of excitement your partners enjoy, how many partners you would love, how often, etc.  Dare to be bold!


It's time to believe that what you say is coming true, and even if you don't know how it will, that powers greater than you are conspiring in your favor because you continue to affirm that everything I share with the lovers I meet is of maximum possible benefit to me, to them, to our loved ones, and this world.


You are beautiful.  It's time to look in the mirror and find something--anything--you love about yourself.  Look at yourself and literally tell yourself--out loud--what you love about yourself.  Others will have a much easier time seeing what's lovable and beautiful about you if you can find a way to see it first.  This is hard for many of us, but I assure you that with practice, what you see in the mirror will begin to look different to you.  Do it!  (Another great modification of this practice is to look at the mountains, a sunset, a tree, the stars, a bird, the moon, or any part of the natural beauty you see around you on this Earth, and tell them your feelings and concerns.  Practice saying, "I really need help now, learning to see the beauty in myself that I see in you.  Can you help me?"

5.  DO IT!

Create play dates with partners you might not have noticed so much before.  Set aside at least 2 hours for a date.  Practice ways of treating your lovers/fuckbuddies/partners in ways that you love to be treated.  Create exercises to empower each partner to ask for exactly what they want, and to get out of the busy "monkey mind".  Check back here for more specific exercises, which will be added soon in written word, as well as audio and video.  Yummm!

More about what I'm teaching in this series and why I'm doing it:

I’m a Tantric sex coach. What that means is that I’ve devoted my life to helping men everywhere find more fulfilling, delightful sex-fun!  I coach men 1-on-1.  We have a LOT of fun in our sessions, and I’m always telling them, “Your lovers are already showing up.  You deserve plenty of joyful, fun, compatible lovers…”

Sometimes, it seems hard for them to believe me at first—even while we’re enraptured in head-to-toe erotic ecstasy—but the more we run the energy currents of pleasure through our bodies, the more I keep repeating, “This is becoming our normal reality.  Let it in!”

Let me share a secret with you:

Our thoughts and belief systems heavily affect our sex lives.  

Why are we alone, wishing for more partners with whom we can share our hard-on fun, when there are literally men all around us, everywhere, wishing the same thing, by themselves?  Take a moment, and contemplate that question…Why are we alone, when there are men everywhere who want the same things we want—affection, joy, sexual pleasure, adventure, and discovery…

We are alone because we refuse to let other men in.  We refuse to let them in because we are afraid.  We are afraid they’re not our “type,” and that they won’t measure up to our standards, or—quite the opposite—we’re afraid we might really like them, or even worse…that they’ll really like us, and then what?  Evidently, some of us are afraid of the commitment that might come along with fuck-joy at first sight.  And then there are all of those other fears…deep-seated fears, like, Is it safe?  What will my friends and family think?

Yes, what I’ve just written here are but a few examples of the reasons we give, which keep ourselves separated from great sex and from other excited, horny men who are eager to strip naked with us, right now…

Brad Amberheart and Bishop Black on the set in Amsterdam, filming Caught in the Act, a video which teaches us how to affirm our (kinky) lovers.

What are we going to do about it?  Well, I’ve decided to get men together to share our experiences and jump-start our sex lives with some strategies, affirmations, experiments, and all-out rituals. I’m going to do whatever takes to share what I know with you, and bring out the most helpful wisdom in all of us to help us get together—more often—with horny, excited men, enjoying sex of a greater quality and satisfaction than ever before.

When it comes to meeting men for sex, I’ve done a lot of things that worked, and a lot of things that didn’t.  I’ll begin each class with a short talk to share some of the hook-up strategies that have worked for me—and maybe some that have not.  I may even show you a video now and then of a fun hook-up between me and a lover…or between two lucky fuckers I coached into blissful sex-states.  

I have access to lots of evidence to show just how hot gay men’s hook-ups can be, and I’m excited to show you some foundational principles of Tantra and Sacred Intimacy which have set the stage for some of the best sex of my life, as well as some of the hottest match-ups imaginable between other men I’ve coached.   (Yummmy!)

Following my provocative intro to each class, I’ll engage the group in a discussion of what has worked for some of us…and what has not, and then—last but not least—we’ll all go home with an invitation to try something new, so that we can come back to another class and tell each other how out latest Tantric sex-date experiment went, and what we’re learning.  


I can barely wait to see you there!