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Resources for Creative Inspiration

We live in a world filled with Music, Poetry, Podcasts, Videos, Photography, and a full range of creative art to excite the imagination and inspire us.  Music, especially, can be used to create just the right shift we need at the right time.  Many of the shifts we may have once thought were possible only through mind-altering substances are actually completely accessible to us in our own body chemistry!  We can create the shifts in consciousness at any time, day or night, and sometimes all we need is a little inspiration.  Combine your inspiration with conscious breath, movement, and sound, and prepare to travel!  Enjoy!

Rev. Brad Amberheart

Here are a couple of videos that I enjoy listening to while I write, clean house, dance, or fuck!

...and here is a glimpse into the world who I really am, when I sing with my guitar and tell stories, beginning with one word which is the same in all languages: