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In December of the year 1999, I made my first visit to a Sacred Intimate.  I had talked with him well before our meeting, and he had told me that this was going to be sacred time...a place for me to delve deeper into the realms of who I am and why I'm here.   I had grown up in a Southern Baptist family, so the mere concept of putting sexuality and spirituality into the same room seemed a bit foreign...and yet, some part of my soul so resonated with his words that I could not resist learning more.  Somewhere, way down deep in the core of my being, it all made sense to me...

When he began to touch me, and when I started to let the breath of life move in and out of my body under his careful instruction, I knew that there could be no more waiting.  My time had come, and I was coming home.  His caresses and his words, his kisses and his growls, his fire-lit eyes...were all a reflection of me, bringing me back home to the place where I could find the many fibers of who I am, woven into one intricate and beautiful tapestry.  There, in his care, the fragmented pieces of myself merged into one whole.  Slut, son, brother, friend, enemy, priest, student, teacher, whore, angel...they all became one.  At last, I had found a place where there was enough room for all of me!

I never wanted it to end, and when I realized that the session was coming to a close, and that it would soon be time for me to "return" to my "normal" existence, my body began to shake with tears. 

"No!" I screamed.  "I don't want to come backTake me now!

I so wished I could stay there, in that place where I felt like I could fly, in that place so free of the weight of this body...but like an infant passing through the birth canal, I returned.  I had to once again look for some way to survive in a world which felt anything BUT  warm and inviting.   No longer could I complacently allow myself to accept what I had come to know as "normal".  For me, HEAVEN was no longer a place where people go when they die.  No, HEAVEN was a place that I would learn to create every day, right here, now!

The journey since that day has led me to virtually every far-flung mountain and valley of the northern and southern hemispheres.  Relentlessly, I've searched to find everything which has true meaning to me.  I've been to indigenous healing ceremonies from North America to Siberia, and the ultimate result has been a continued prompting to stop looking for the answers outside, and to instead go deep within.  There is no one who can give me the answers, and no one who can make me know what I already know...but fortunately, there have been many who have come to my aid when I was genuinely ready to hear my own heart speak.

I am grateful to many teachers for helping me to realize that life is not always an "either-or" kind of existence.  In the place of the old duality there is an all-inclusive reality.  What does all of this really mean in laymen's terms?  It means that we can HAVE IT ALL!  Yes, it's true!  Even as we continue to walk through a world of concrete and steel, we can hold that gentle affluent oasis in our own hearts.  We must allow ourselves to believe--even for a moment--that we are creating our own reality.  We must hold a sense of heaven in us, at all times, so that we can bring heaven alive on earth, right here and now!

I am now in my 15th year as an active tantric healing practitioner, although I'm actually quite sure that my work really began when I put on my first pair of sexy men's bikini briefs at age 14!  At last, I've launched this website in the hopes of bringing together a world-wide collective of men who are ready to live life to the fullest and fully celebrate every facet of who we are.  My vision is for us to co-create a world of conscientious, caring, and sensitive lovers, such that we no longer will ever have to be deprived of the sacred and healing power of loving sexual communion and intimacy.   

With Much Love,