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get your own room or enjoy the adventure of sharing!

If you're traveling from out of town to one of our events and looking for a place to stay, then you're in luck!  

Men in our Asheville community have come together to offer rooms and beds in their homes at really affordable prices.  You can choose to have your own private room, or have the experience of having your own bed in a large common room with other men!

Currently, we're offering ONE option and more will be added:  

 Jimmy'z Place:  
Private Room in quiet, wonderful gay household in East Asheville (7 minutes from downtown Asheville) 

Just scroll down to view the options!  

Jimmy'z Place, East Asheville

2 Private, Comfortable Bedrooms with full beds, $50 per room per night, in a beautiful, quiet, modern home with a super-wonderful host who does great massages!  If you're staying for the weekend, just ask about his services!


Your Host:  

$70 per room per night, or $85 for a duo sharing a bed.  To book lodging at Jimmy'z Place for our next event, please contact him at