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get your own room or enjoy the adventure of sharing!

If you're traveling from out of town to one of our events and looking for a place to stay, then you're in luck!  

Men in our Asheville community have come together to offer rooms and beds in their homes at really affordable prices.  You can choose to have your own private room, or have the experience of having your own bed in a large common room with other men!

Currently, we're offering two main options:  

1)  Bedrooms with queen or double beds at Mahan Kalpa's beautiful apartment near downtown Asheville.
2)  Shared common rooms with singles, doubles, and even larger communal/shared beds at the Moon Hearth Erotic Temple in W. Asheville.

Just scroll down to view the options!  Then, when you buy your event ticket on Eventbrite, you can pay for your accommodation as a separate "ticket".  Here is the link to our next event, the Asheville Ecstatic Man-Orgy on May 18, where you can book your event ticket as well as accommodation.

Moon Hearth Erotic Temple, West Asheville

Affordable communal overnight lodging during weekend events
for only $40 per person per night!

It's a bit like a bunk-house...just more comfortable, more gay, and even MORE fun!  If you're excited about sharing communal space with other men, you're going to love this option!

Enjoy Communal Living!  Have your own bed in the "Common House Room", or enjoy drifting in and out of sleep and man-fun in the "Rasslin' Room"!  
Enjoy having breakfast in our self-service communal kitchen, where you can make yourself a bowl of cereal, put on a pot of coffee for everyone to enjoy, or even just start cooking!  (We provide cereals, fruits, coffee, tea, eggs, and occasionally bacon.  Bring other foods you like!).



This is my one of my favorite types of accommodations to offer to enthusiastic men during weekend events in Asheville.  This is a bit of a "common room"--meaning anyone can come and go, any time of the day and night, to enjoy sleeping, or...just enjoying the fuck out of being in bed with other MEN!

Common-House Room

There was a time long ago when men from throughout the village or surrounding villages would come together to sleep together in one room.  We can bring this tradition alive again!  This room has single and double beds all around the room, which are comfortable and can be moved around.  In the fall, winter, and spring, the fireplace casts a warm glow.


This is a great place to enjoy deep sleep, surrounded by plants, on a soft, wonderful bed close to the Earth.

Brad on the Front Porch at Moon Hearth, c. 2017

To book lodging for our next event May 18, go to our Eventbrite link,  The Asheville Ecstatic Man-Orgy, book your event ticket, and then scroll down to book your separate lodging "ticket".   You'll receive a confirmation email with directions once you've booked.

The Madame Kalpa Palace, Montford

2 Rooms--One Queen and One with Two Comfortable Full Beds 
at a high-end vacation-rental apartment in Montford, near Downtown Asheville

Queen Bed--1 or 2 people $100 per night

Full Bed in Shared Room--$50 per night


A memory-foam bed in a tent near a mountain meadow or by a lake!
(included for overnight or multiple-day individual 1-on-1, couples, or small-group retreats)

Consider this option if you and your lover or group of lovers/friends would like to explore Tantric eroticism in an exquisite, primitive, natural environment.  
I might also be able to offer a weekend play-shop option for 6-8 men by the lake this summer or on the meadow, and if that comes to be a reality, you'll be able to find out RIGHT HERE!  Also, if you like the idea of gathering with a small group of men (6 to 8) of all ages, sizes, and types and exploring conscious erotic connection in nature with an experienced guide/teacher, send me an email at and express your interest!

The "Lake House"
(camp it up!)

2 hours west of Asheville, exquisite lake-side tent camping is available only a few select times of year when I literally move there for a week or two and stay!  (Next dates:  June 10-14).  I may eventually host a men's event there, but logistics such as unpredictability of summer weather are much easier to manage when I just host couples or a small group of 4 to 6 at the most.  If you're a couple or you have a small group of lovers and would enjoy a space to set yourselves free and even get a little bit of Tantric coaching for your love-making practice--not to mention a deep immersion in a bountiful place in nature--consider making the journey and coming here!  Click Here for more info on ecstatic erotic sessions outdoors in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains