Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

Brad Amberheart is a guitarist, a singer, a creative artist, an outdoorsman, an ordained minister, and a practitioner of Tantra who likes to weave all of these elements together into his ecstatic transformational work.
Born and raised in rural North Carolina, his educational background is in geology and Russian language. He landed a job as a corporate gold-mining consultant at age 22, which meant traveling frequently to the Former Soviet Union on gold-company pursuits. Hence, his typical "morning breakfast" in his early 20's was vodka and cucumbers, with a Class-A view of the Gulag Memorial out of his hotel window! 
He abandoned his corporate career in 1998 in order to pursue a path which bore more resonance with who he really was. He soon landed in Key West, Florida, where he became an HIV health educator...then a gardener....and eventually...a go-go dancer at age 31. His burning desire for authenticity--in the face of a bar culture filled with shallow insincerity--eventually led him to begin creating safe spaces for men to express themselves erotically, free of interruptions or distractions. 
He eventually found the Tantric path through his wonderful teacher and elder, Rudy Ballentine. Today, Brad lives happily in the home and temple he has created in Asheville, North Carolina, where he continues to work at consummating the inner marriage of the Slut and the Priest within him, while teaching others to do the same.