Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men


I’m looking for men who would like to exchange 1-on-1 session time with me for appearing in erotic videos for the world to see! 

The videos I'm filming right now are home-style videos with mirrors, tripods, and multiple camera angles--often shot with iPhones.  Rather than focusing on high-production value, instead, the focus is on capturing the magic, heated passion, and authentic male eros I frequently experience in 1-on-1 sessions. 

I'll be using the videos as learning materials for my online courses, live classes, and coaching sessions.  I'll also be using some of the video content to entice and inspire audiences via popular platforms such as Only Fans.

Appearing in a public erotic video often is a tremendous turn-on for men who choose to do it, and it comes with some essential requirements for me to legally release and sell any video containing erotic content--including signing a model release form and providing a copy of your legal ID.

Prime candidates will be men can whole-heartedly check off most of the following boxes:


  • You’re EXCITED about appearing in an explicit erotic or sexual video with me, for men everywhere to enjoy.

  • You’re blissfully FUCK-HAPPY to receive a session with me (Sacred Intimacy, Tantric-Erotic Exploration, Erotic Magic, or Dom-Sub Excitement) in exchange for recording the session on film. For types of sessions I offer, go to and pick a prospective session type that excites the fuck out of you!

  • You’re potentially CURIOUS and TURNED-ON by the prospect of Masked-Man Dom-sub play (as a Dom or a sub), which is the primary content I’m filming currently and/or 

  • You’re PRIMED to learn with me on camera and explore Tantric Sex & Intimacy themes in a vulnerable way, which help other men learn via demonstration videos (my other primary category of video, after dom-sub).

  • You’re WILLING and READY to:

    #1. Sign a model release form, 
      #2. Provide a scanned copy or high-quality photo of a valid official ID
        #3. Provide a selfie photo of yourself holding your valid official ID and signed release form

        FYI—If you happen to have a verified a performer account on Only Fans, you’ll probably be exempt from providing me #3 of the above-listed documentation, as these will already have been verified when you signed up for Only Fans.