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Book YOUR appointment today and forget this "problem" ever existed!

Brad Amberheart has helped literally hundreds of men worldwide to instantaneously transform their "problem" into a source of tremendous erotic excitement, pleasure and joy!

How?  What most people call a "premature ejaculation issue" is actually an issue of timing, intimacy, and self-expression.  Brad Amberheart works with breath, movement, sound, and high states of erotic arousal.  You'll literally find yourself trying hard to remember what the "problem" was, as you enter into states of cathartic erotic pleasure and authentic self-expression.  

Brad can work with you one-on-one, or with you an a partner.  He offers you his expertise in how to move, expand, and enhance your capacity for erotic pleasure.  Sessions can only be booked by phone, so call now!


2-hour One-on-One PE Coaching Session:  $275
2-hour Couples' PE Coaching Sessions for only $350

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