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Premature Ejaculation FUN!

Turn your so-called "sexual dysfunction" into the BEST SEX OF YOUR FUCKING LIFE!

For any man who signs up for a 2-hour premature ejaculation FUN session with me, I'm offering a free explicit erotic video as my gift to you!


I'm going to focus on exciting the living FUCK out of you (just like these pictures do)but rather than unconsciously bringing you to climax too quickly. we're going to BREATHE together while making eye contact, moving our bodies, and making some noise!  I'll show you at least 12 ways to transform "PE" into whole-body euphoric sexual pleasure!  Trust me!  I call these sessions "Premature Ejaculation FUN" because what you once called a "dysfunction" is about to become your rocket-fuel for euphoric sexual pleasure for the rest of your life!  Let me show you how!  I can't wait!

Once you sign up for your session with a secure online deposit and we confirm a hot man-to-man transformational erotic session with me, I'll send you the password-protected link and passcodes to an explicit erotic video demonstrating all of the methods we get to explore in your hot, dynamic 1-on-1 session.

Can't wait to see you soon, stud!



This is a picture of my boyfriend and me last summer, immersed in the kind of prolonged underwear foreplay that cured both of us of our past "premature ejaculation issues" and literally ushered in years upon years of mind-blowing fuck-fun.  Photo by Irwin Fayne.


YEAH!  Of course it does!  We're hard-wired to get off on images like these.   We even have "addicted" stamped on our underwear.  Now, there's HOPE that once we once called an "addiction" or a "dysfunction" actually was a bona-fide sign all along that we are fucking EXCITABLE MEN who LOVE SEX!  Fuck yeah!


Step-by-Step Guide

to turn your so-called "problem" 

into a catalyst for euphoric sexually ecstatic fun!

INVITATION!  Get hard, get excited, and then turn off your computer and follow these simple steps:

  • Take a long, slow, deep breath all the way up from your cock and balls, to your belly, and back down.  Now, do it again....slowly.  Good!  Now, do it a third time, and this time let the air fill up your torso, all the way up to your heart.  Let it out, gently.
  • Now, maybe while wearing something that turns you on (like a hot jock or underwear), lie face-down on your bed and rub your whole body all over the fucking sheets.  Yeah!  That's right!  While you're gyrating your pelvis and body all over your fucking bed, BREATHE DEEP, all the way up from your cock, balls, and asshole to your heart.  Good!
  • OK.  Periodically, completely STOP all movement and lie completely still, feeling the beating of your heart and the throbbing of your cock in those tight fucking shorts.  Good.  Lie there still and breathe for a full minute or more before resuming any movements.
  • After you've repeated this cycle several times, you might take off your underwear and experience your hard, still dick on the soft fabric of the sheets.  This time, start to make loud MOANS or even growl into your pillows while you move and undulate your body.  Great!
  • Once in awhile, stand up and SHAKE OUT your whole body.  Let your DICK bounce up and down while you shake out your hands bounce your weight up and down on your feet, and make some noise.

These are all techniques I practice with guys in my hottest erotic sessions!  Guys who say they're prone to "premature ejaculation" tend to be my most FUN clients, because they're actually sexually ecstatic MEN and don't know it yet!

Look for a guided audio in my own voice, which I'll be posting right here, soon, so that you can listen to these arousing, energizing words while you play with your DICK!


90 Minutes $275

See Description at top of this page to Find Out What Happens in a Session


It's easy!  Just go to this link,, to answer "10 Questions to Activate Sexually Ecstatic Pleasure and Erotic Fun".  The session we're going will not only transform your so-called "dysfunction" into hours of euphoric fun, but I'll also be focusing my attention on supporting you in finding ALL avenues of expression--both in and out of bed--which are helpful to you in your life right now.  My sessions are a bit like "Tantric life-coaching," in that they combine high-energy erotic arousal with thoughtful, heart-felt intent for growth, healing, and new awareness in your life's ambitions.

See you there!  I'll look for your email with answers to the questions from the link above, then I'll call you at the number you provide to set up a time to meet!  OoooYEAH!   


Want to find out more about all kinds of opportunities to LEARN and PRACTICE ejaculation control and prolonged climax in a GROUP of horny guys?  You'll DEFINITELY want to check out my UPCOMING EVENTS for a wide diversity of EROTIC EVENTS FOR MEN ranging from erotic massage exchange to dynamic erotic wrestling matches to all-out fuck orgies and yes...I'm soon going to be teaching GROUPS the delights of turning "PE" into whole-body erotic ecstasy.  Stay tuned, and bookmark my EVENTS page to keep track of all of the dynamic group fun to cum!