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Preparation Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Session

(and to help you enjoy your wonderful erotic body, with all of your heart, every day of your life!)

by Brad-Leaf Amberheart


I go to great lengths to create an inviting, comfortable space for creative, fun, authentic, and meaningful  expression.  However, nothing I do can be more important than what you do before you come to me. 

I've compiled this list of suggestions, which have helped set the stage for some out-of-this-world sessions in the past (see "Testimonials").  I would encourage you to use these suggestions as guidelines.  Feel free to be creative!  You may not feel like doing everything on this list, but if nothing else, use it to inspire your creativity and to give you an ever-growing sense of genuine excitement about this upcoming, very special occasion:  YOUR SESSION!

  • BOOK YOUR SESSION WELL IN ADVANCE IF POSSIBLE.  My experience has shown that men who set up a session with me a at least 5 days (or more) in advance tend to have the most profound sessions with me.  Besides, I'm often not available on short notice, so planning ahead is really of the essence.

  • PRACTICE SELF-LOVE.  For the days or weeks leading up to the session, love your heart and your body every day.  This means taking a bit of time each morning, evening, or throughout the day to lie or sit still--preferably naked--while you place your hands on various parts of your body.  If possible, do this in a place where you have complete privacy for at least 15 minutes.  Let your hands rest, motionless, on your cock, your heart, your belly, your asshole...and tell yourself, "This body is holy.  This dick is wonderful.  I love my heart.  My asshole is precious."  It may seem a little funny at first.  Good!  If you feel ridiculous, then then let your whole body laugh...and enjoy it!  My personal belief (which is shared by many others) is that laugher is another form of orgasm.

  • REFRAIN FROM USING ALCOHOL OR DRUGS (including Viagra or similar drugs!) for at least 24 to 48 hours before the session.   I can help show you how to enjoy yourself completely--regardless of what your dick is doing.  I've done it many times, and I've done it well.  However, if you absolutely feel that Viagra or a similar prescription might be an important part of this experiment we're doing together, then I can discuss it with you.  Please ask me during our initial phone consultation.

  • PUT AWAY YOUR ANTI-PERSPIRANTS, DEODORANTS, OR COLOGNES.  On the day of your session, shower and get clean, but please don't wear deodorants, anti-perspirants, colognes, or perfumes.  Please allow me to feel you with all of my senses, especially smell!  This is a sensual experience, so it's important that I can smell you!  I have a shower available for you to use before, during, or after the session.  It may even be fun to share a bath together as a part of your session!  If you feel that you will need your deodorant, anti-perspirant, or cologne for the place you are going after the session, you are welcome to bring it with you.

  • BUILD ENERGY.  If possible, see if you can refrain from ejaculating for at least 48 hours before the session.  This is not required, but it can really help to enhance the experience, especially if you're used to ejaculating often.  We're working here to take stock of old habits and try things new ways, to produce new effects and new levels of awareness and pleasure.

  • PRACTICE FULL-BODY AROUSAL AND SELF-PLEASURE I recommend getting your favorite oil (light sesame, coconut oil, jojoba, and many other oils all work well), heating it up a little, and anointing your body with it.  Take  special care to love your hard dick (...breathe...).  Be sure to practice moving that hot sex energy up and out from your dick and gonads (breathe deep...slow...long...full...round...smooth breaths).  Let your whole body be a pleasure center!  Also, be aware of your heart.  Spread your heart energy out to the tips of your fingers and toes.  Connect cock and heart by breathing your erotic energy up from your balls and into your heart.  Imagine that you're squirting hot love-juice up inside of yourself, to fill your belly and your heart with the warmth of your own hot erotic juices.  (Keep breathing fully into your belly the whole time you are pleasuring yourself.  Have you ever noticed how you hold your breath when you're just about to ejaculate?)  If you get really excited and feel like you're just about to come, STOP.  Stop, place your hands on your heart or belly, be still, and feel your excitement.  Gradually slow down your breathing, and notice the return to your normal heart rate.  Notice how good you feel now, and how relaxed and energized you are.

  • PRACTICE MOVING YOUR BODY AROUND AND LETTING YOUR VOICE BE HEARD.  Fill your body with your sounds of pleasure.  Shake out the tension from your arms and legs.  Kick and scream if it feels good!  Rock your body side-to-side while you caress yourself, breathe, and make noise.  Feel the vibration in your whole body.  Sing!  Shout!  Laugh!  Have a whole lot of fun!  (A personal Brad-Leaf note:  My first 10 years of sexual fun, from age 14 to 23, were on a bed, face-down, by myself, gyrating my pelvis, rubbing my cock all over the sheets, and propelling myself into states of ecstatic bliss.  I never felt alone.)

  • PRACTICE SELF-MASSAGE.   This is something that you can practice almost anywhere, anytime.  We can actually reach more than 90% of our skin surface and musculature, so why don't we give ourselves more touch?  When you learn how to touch, tickle, delight, and invigorate yourself, don't you think you're going to enjoy sex more with your partners? (Hello?!)  Begin with your arms and hands. You can use your favorite oil (or none at all, if you're sitting in line at the What-a-Burger drive-through).  Gently run your thumb down your arm, between the muscles, all the way out to the palm of your hand.  You'll also want to see what it feels like to begin at the hand and work your way up the arm.  Pay special attention to the hands, for they are a map of the whole body.  Your hand--like your body--longs for loving affection and sweet attention.  Personally, through practice, I've learned to literally go into states of ecstatic pleasure just by tickling, massaging, or gently scratching my hands!  

  • ALL THE WAY DOWN, ALL OVER.  Once you've played with your hands and arms, you can try the same on your feet and legs, as well as your neck, your shoulders, your face (important, especially around the eyes), your scalp, your abdomen, and finally, last but not least...when you have privacy or you're in a safe, supportive space...your dick.  Practice massaging your cock in the same creative, loving, experimental ways that you used for the rest of your body.  Your cock, like your hands and feet, is also a full-scale representative of your whole body.  (Joseph Kramer, founder of the Body Electric School, calls this "cock reflexology".)  Give your dick a nice, relaxing vacation from its standard "rub-tug" routine, and watch how you open portals to new-found bliss!  

  • NOURISHING AND ENLIVENING.  If your session falls close to a meal time, it may be best to plan to eat at least an hour before your session, rather than eating right before you arrive.  If you wind up needing to eat just before your session, you may want to choose foods which nourish and enliven the body, rather than having a heavy meal before your session.  Also know that I usually have fruits or other snacks available throughout our session.  Sharing nourishment together can be a fun and vital part of the intimacy we create.

  • ARRIVAL.  Please plan to arrive on time, but know that I won't be able to accommodate you any earlier than your scheduled appointment time.  If you're coming to see me in my hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, you'll find parking to be easy.  If you find yourself in the neighborhood early, you may just park your car and take a leisurely walk...or you might enjoy the cafes and shops along nearby Haywood Road--the heart of eclectic West Asheville.