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for MEN
 in Asheville, NC, USA all 4 seasons!

Consider a 2-hour or 3-hour session indoors, an extended half-day session outdoors, or even an multi-day personalized Tantric-Erotic Retreat!


Asheville, NC & Surrounding Mountains

August 5-8
August 22-26
Sept. 9 between Noon and 6 PM 
Sept. 19-26
Oct. 7-9
Oct. 10-15 
Oct. 25-28 & Oct. 31
Oct. 29- 30th (late-morning through mid-afternoon only)
Nov. 3, 4 

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 Pick a Session that EXCITES, answer my "10 Questions to Activate Sexually Ecstatic Pleasure & Erotic Fun," and BOOK!

Also, KEY WEST, FL Aug. 1, 2, & 3

We can do a session at my guesthouse, your guesthouse, or even on a boat or at a remote beach 13 miles out of town.  The usual incall/outcall rates apply.  I'll need to book you--ideally--2 more more weeks in advance (ie. by July 16), since my time in my former island home (1999-2009) is short, and I only come once a year now.  Pick a session type that excites you and follow prompts to fill out my form!

Create Your Own 1-on-1 
Personalized Tantric-Erotic Retreat among the oldest mountains on Earth 
I live among the oldest mountains on Earth.  Catch a very inexpensive non-stop flight to ASHEVILLE, NC from Boston, NYC, DC, Philly, Denver, Chicago, Las Vegas, and most Florida Metro Areas!

Start planning your own personalized retreat!  Book a series of sessions with time to reflect in between...or consider a half-day, full-day, or multiple-day immersion in a retreat setting.  Click here to check out my PRIMAL INSTINCTS page
for Deep-Nature Tantra Immersions, Multiple Erotic Studio Sessions, and Wild-Man Outdoor 1-on-1 in the southern Appalachians! 

   3 Steps to Booking Yourself
for 2 to 3 hours of Transformational 1-on-1 Erotic Excitement:

My time is in high demand and I get a lot of inquiries for my sessions.  People who succeed in booking a session with me are ones who are happy to fill out my questionnaire, answer some exciting questions, and wait for a call back from me.  Sessions in my hometown of Asheville, NC generally are booked 4-7 days or more in advance.  

1) Scroll all the way down this page to CHECK OUT the types of sessions I offer
including rates, and be sure to watch an explicit VIDEO about who I am and what I do at the bottom of this page. 

2) PICK the type of session that excites you the most and follow links to pre-book it!  

3) When you click on the type of session you like, you'll have the opportunity to answer my "10 Questions to Activate Transformational Pleasure and Erotic Fun".

4) We'll have a grounded, present phone conversation for 20 minutes or so to discuss what excites you most about this opportunity to engage in a transformational Tantric-erotic session!


Here are some of the many reasons men come to me for transformational Tantric-Erotic sessions, followed by 5 session options and rates:

Rediscover your own source of authentic, soulful, erotic excitement and FUN 

RELEASE past traumas

I'll be using the friction and energy of my whole body to excite you and arouse you to the max on a bed, table, or mat, while simultaneously using conscious strokes--from feather-light to deep--to spread energy outward from your excited mid-section to the rest of your tingling, aroused body.  


what EXCITES you from head to toe, inside-and-out!

Learn to use EXCITEMENT as a potent TOOL for personal healing & renewal

Learn how to EXPAND your consciousness using erotic ecstasy and deep intimate presence as your vehicle!

OPEN to Healing and Purpose


allow yourself to be held and nurtured in the way which works for YOU!

Surrender into FREEDOM and EXCITEMENT!

Learn how to


from the INSIDE OUT.

Experience heightened states of ecstasy for renewed health, vitality, and mental clarity.

Calling all men who get excited by:









and MORE!

To Book Your Session, answer my "10 Questions to Activate Transformational Pleasure and Erotic Fun" and look for a call from me to start the FUN!

What does a session look like?

I've made LOTS of sexy videos about transformational eroticism in the past year, including SIX new ones in this past year, which have not been released!  For the newest releases, visit my video page.  For now, I hope you'll enjoy this delightfully-sexual video preview I made, accompanied by a live interview to introduce you to who I am and what I LOVE to do!