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Sex as Prayer
a ritual of transformation via pleasure
for MEN

 Friendship, the Power of SONGS, the Excitement of MALE EROTICISM, and...
my return to Russia on July 24, for the first time in 16 years...

Sunday, July 14, 2019 * Asheville, North Carolina, USA

It's my whole-hearted delight
to share songs on my guitar
while friends, lovers, and our community of men who love men
make love
for a purpose
which is bigger than we ever even conceived.

It's my delight to make love with all of you
and to be in the presence of men making love
in the name of love, joy, prosperity, the health and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones, and a blessing for this Earth.

All that we share here is beautiful and sacred--
a potent and powerful blessing to this world and to all beings.

in celebrating a homecoming.
This is a homecoming
full circle
back home to who we REALLY ARE.

Tonight is also a celebration of a very special homecoming
July 24, I'm coming home again to a land and a people I love very much--the Caucasus Mountains of Southern Russia.  I'll be departing a few days after this ceremony. 

Your affirmative prayers and celebrations are most welcomed, as I pray for myself and my Russian friends, I encourage each and every one of us to hold love in our hearts for all of the people we call FRIENDS on this Earth.  Hold your loved ones in your heart this night, as do I.

Amen, and Bless-It-Be

Here is a story
told in words and song
of why it means SO much to me
to be coming back home to Russia
July 24

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This event is by donation.   
When you go to register, you can enter a donation of any amount. 

All proceeds support my return to RUSSIA July 24-August 4 to reunite with beloved friends,
including my godson, whom I last saw when he was 2 months old, and who will be getting out of the army, aged 22, just before I arrive.

More about Sex as Prayer

Sex as Prayer is a ritual I have conducted all over North America and Hawaii, which was born during the time of my Grandmother's passing in 2013.  She was having trouble getting through the portal into the spirit world, and as she lay struggling in her bed, my lovers and I gathered 150 miles away, at my new home in Asheville, to raise energy together and send her blessings.  I went to be by her side the very next day, and while I was holding her hand, her struggles came to an end, and she took flight. 

I thought I was going with her...I could see and hear her brothers and sisters singing.   I felt like I was sinking into a deep pool, and I could see light at the top, with shapes of light circling like dolphins.  I was singing...singing with my ancestors, and we were all rejoicing...Mamaw, her brothers and sisters, all of our ancestors, and me.  Soon, I came to realize that I had to come back.  I had to come back to Earth to make my way here, through this world, but my journey to the world of Spirit with Mamaw would always serve as my most vivid reminder that I'M HERE ON EARTH TO BRING HEAVEN DOWN HERE.  When we bring heaven here, we are always with the people we love, even the ones who have gone on.

The next year after Mamaw passed on, I journeyed to Easton Mountain Retreat in upstate New York to offer a "Sex as Prayer" healing ceremony to a group of male sexual healers with the co-facilitative support of my beloved friend Mahan Kalpa Khalsa.  Since that time, I've offered the ceremony to mixed-gender groups from Hawaii to San Diego to Portland to Asheville, but I've been longing to return to the time when I could bring this ceremony specifically to a group of men.  Only two men's ceremonies have happened in the past 5 years:  Once in San Francisco in January, 2017 (immediatly following the US Elections), and a second time in Hamilton, Ontario in April 2018.  I'm excited to see a group of men coming together to celebrate this ecstatic rite of passage for the first time in my home and temple since my friend Norm and I initiated this ceremony at the time of my grandmother's passing in November 2013.

The ceremony we'll be sharing on July 14 is one which integrates North American earth-honoring traditions with Tantra and sacred sexuality.  All in attendance are welcome to participate at exactly the level which feels right to them.  Participants will be given the option of self-pleasuring, meditating, singing, dancing, drumming, or--if they wish--engaging in mutually fulfilling forms of whole-body erotic pleasure and fun with each other.  The key lies not so much in what we do, but how we do it.  Virtually anything is possible here, within the context of consciously loving, blessing, and honoring all beings through everything that we share here together, today.  

See you there!


This an embodied ritual of healing and renewal
not a "workshop," but a ceremony devoted to the healing and renewal of ourselves, our communities, and our world.

 Questions You Might Ask Yourself:

What are you ready to create in your life? 

What aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being are ready for an infusion of life-giving pleasure?

What is transitioning in your life right now?  Can you begin to see the power and magnificence in what's happening, even when it might at first seem like an obstacle? 

When you're over-flowing with pleasure, to WHOM or to what place in the world would you like to send this extra dose of vitality and love?  

In addition to considerations for our own health and the health and well-being of those we love, it can be extremely powerful to experiment with holding places and situations--such as large populations of people on earth who may be hungry or may even be in search of clean water to drink--in our consciousness while we self-pleasure or make love.  

Wherever you may go this day, or before and after, be sure to follow the deep, clear, resounding "YES!" that comes from the very core of your heart.  This is all that is required.


Brad Amberheart has guided thousands of men in how to generate and move ecstatic erotic pleasure for prolonged periods in their own bodies!  Today, it no longer matters how hard you get, how hard you are, how big your dick is, whether you stay hard, or whether you get hard at all!  You're going to be welcomed to sink into a place of softness and nurturance for yourself, where there's so much ecstatic pleasure available to us that you're probably going to be really surprised!