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Songs and Stories
for inspiration, renewal, hope, and even humor!

I've been teaching groups all over the world for some years now.  One of the most valuable tools I use to help bring groups of people back home to their hearts and bodies is the gift of music and story-telling.  I especially love to mix in the softness and tenderness of guitar when I'm leading wildly erotic workshops and rituals! 

Tantra is--ultimately--the marriage of opposites.  True wildness of expression isn't so easy to come by until we can first find a space where we can feel safe and supported in being all that we are.  That's why I use the sound of my vocals, my guitar, and--most especially humor--to set the space for us to deeply explore the fullness of our expression, in all avenues of our ecstatic bodies, our mournful hearts, and our grieving souls who long for a greater sense of freedom, acceptance, excitement, and celebration of ALL that we are!

Many people come up to me after my workshops and seminars and ask me, "Where can I find that song?  What's it called?"  Clearly, a lot of us recognize the power of music to go deeper into our deepest feelings, and also to shift our mood really quickly when needed.  If we're lucky, we know which buttons to press on our phone or computer to find the right melody or rhythm to help carry us deeper into the places we really want and need to be...and to liberate us when we feel stuck.

So I present to you, my friends, my songs. On this page, you'll find an ever-growing collection of songs and stories I've recorded just for you.  I've done my best to pick ones which will speak to you.  Call upon these songs when needed!  If you have heard me sing one that you don't see here, and you would like to see it here, please email me promptly at and I'll be recording the song for you at the very first opportunity. 

It's my pure delight to develop this interface with the world, and to respond with my heart's calling, which is to sing, dance, play, and open spaces for our heart's true expression in all forms which are most beneficial.

"Nature Boy"--A Song for Poets, Lovers, and Voyageurs

"The Religion of Love"--A Song for One-Night Stands and Long-Term Lovers

"GENTLE WARRIOR"--by Kate Wolf.  I consider this song to be a prayer for men.  May it grant you strength, hope, and a sense of connection with a power greater than yourself.

Brad's Favorite (Dance) Music

I personally use dance music, as well as a variety of lyrical and inspirational music, to help me create my life!  Many of the pages of this very website were created while I stood at my stand-up desk, listening to my favorite dance music, dancing in my underwear or completely naked with a hard-on, while I let the words course through my body and my heart, onto these pages.  I also use many other forms of music to set a mood or to inspire me, depending on my mood.  I've organized music by categories, beginning with DANCE, which is my favorite music to get my juices flowing for writing, and, sex.

I get all of my music, without the interruption of ads, via YouTube for $10 per month.  It's called "YouTube Premium".  Otherwise, you can freely access this music, but you might have to watch an ad at the beginning, and--in some cases--the soundtrack will be interrupted periodically by an ad.


I love this dance track because these girls use acoustic instruments, combined with their voices as well as high-end technology--all on an exotic volcanic island off of Italy!  I find the music to be really high-vibrational. 

I don't know how old this deep-house track is, and I don't care!  I've been enjoying it for at least 5 years now.  I love the combination of deep bass, instrumentals, and soulful vocals.  Frankly, it's one of my very favorite tracks for "horizontal dancing" (ie. hot, sweaty, oily sex fun!)