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It's not too late to MAKE YOUR PLAN to BE at the 

Tantra Love Festival, Glastonbury, UK August 24-28

Sample ROUND-TRIP airfares for August 22-30, as of May 6, 2019:

Atlanta-London Heathrow:  $997
Charlotte-London Heathrow:  $671
New York JFK & Newark to London Heathrow:  $450
Boston-London Heathrow:  $345.  (Wow!)
SFO-London Heathrow:  $454 non-stop (Wow!)
LAX-London Heathrow:  $571 non-stop (Wow!)
Chicago-London Heathrow:  $452 (one short stop)
Denver-London Heathrow:  $532 (one stop DFW)

I find my fares at

Jason Tantra is an international teacher whom I greatly admire.  One of his sweetest attributes (and he has many) is that he works hard to create an international community of teachers and Tantra aspirants.  HE ASKED ME TO LEAD SOMETHING JUICY AT HIS TANTRA FESTIVAL IN AUGUST!





I'm going to be leading 4 workshops and activities which focus on harnessing heightened levels of erotic EXCITEMENT in the male body, while focusing our intention and desires on what we really most desire to create in our lives.

I'll be sharing my specialty:  Whole-body, man-to-man, dick-to-dick EXCITEMENT with focus on the health and well-being of ourselves, our loved ones, and this Earth.

Watch the videos in the left margin to see what I and other men are saying about the festival, then Follow this link to BOOK your ticket and lodging for the Tantra Love Festival.

When you check out, if you're asked for promotional codes, be sure to enter "BRADLOVE" as your promo code so that the Festival organizers will know that I sent you there and that you're excited about naked wrestling, erotic magic, and ecstatic sexual prayer rituals I'm leading :-)