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What Exactly IS TANTRA?

TANTRA can be defined in many different ways.   It's hard to sum up something which has room to accommodate everything.  Tantra is, ultimately, about WAKING UP on multiple levels.  Tantra is about paying attention to what's moving and changing and coming alive for us while we're having sex, sleeping, dreaming, walking, talking, cooking, or even when we're crying, grieving, or doing our laundry.  When we're paying attention and living fully engaged in the discoveries to be found in every single moment  of this thing called LIFE, we might actually be able to say we're living Tantra.

When I consider the word "Tantra" and what it means, I like to consider how Tantra has actively affected my life.  The path of Tantra has helped me to release past traumas, open to deeper healing and purpose in my life, and access a new level of awareness about the next steps to take here, in this body, while I'm alive here on Earth...and beyond.


Did it ever occur to you that your HARD DICK and EXCITED BALLS actually are FUEL that can BLESS you, your body, and even the whole WORLD?  YES?  Good.  So you're ready...


"But what about the SEX?" you say.
In the 
EROTIC sense, Tantra is about finding ways to OPEN and WAKE UP the body, heart, mind, & spirit using breath, movement, sound, and erotic pleasure.  

Tantra is about energy, experimentation, observation, and discovery.  We can learn to direct the FLOW of our life-energy (ALSO called our HORNINESS), for new levels of ecstatic health, emotional-mental clarity, and an ever-deepening sense of purpose.

Today is YOUR day!  

For most men walking around out there in the world today, the merging of the words "sacred" and "erotic" is something we felt we never had the right to do.  Our religious and societal programming taught us otherwise.  For a few fortunate ones, our hot Sex has always been something we've treasured and held sacred.  And then there are all of us who fall somewhere in between those two ends of the spectrum.

TANTRA is the merging of opposites...a path which teaches us through experimentation, observation, and discovery.  Most men have never consciously taken a single breath in their entire lives.  That's right...we breathe, all day, every day...but to breathe consciously is something new for the vast majority of us.  It's one thing to walk and breathe consciously on this Earth...and then...what if we actually breathed consciously while making love?

For nearly 30 years, ever since I had my first orgasm in my bedroom in at age 14, I've been practicing the conscious merging of sex, soul, and spirit.  I've devoted the past 15 years of my life to sharing that wisdom and knowledge with men, even as I continue to grow and learn myself through every single experience, with every man, and with every waking breath.

So...TANTRA!  I've created several "hot buttons" below to guide you through key parts of my website and direct you ever closer to the type of session or experience with me which would bring you the greatest fulfillment, expression, and discovery.  Read.  Learn.  Discover.  The life's work of many people--from the Natives of North America and Siberia to my Tantra teacher who spent nearly half his life in India-- has been instilled in me through years of practice and experience.  

I'm using this website as a platform to bring men into deeper connection with themselves, their sexual expression, their life's purpose, and each other.  To share this knowledge with you is my joy.

I hope to see you soon in a place of great learning, ecstatic delight, exquisite pleasure, and fun!

Brad Amberheart


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