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with Brad Amberheart

If you missed my class series last year, don't worry!🌈

It's my full intention to offer this class again soon!

 For now, enjoy these learning tools notes from last year's class, which provide a wealth of information about how to have hot Tantric gay sex with your lover!  Fuck-Yum! 

The Elements of Tantric Gay Sex

This series of monthly classes is designed to introduce more men to foundational principles of Tantric Sex, and offer practices—beginning with you and your own body—which will greatly enhance the places you can travel and the experiences you can enjoy with other men!  

Brad Amberheart and Will Tantra in Connect the Dots--a class on evolutionary whole-body sex during a retreat at Easton Mountain.

WHAT IS "Tantric Sex?"  

I recently wrote a full article on this topic, with the provocative title In Search of the Tantric Fuck” in my blog.  I suspect you'll find it intriguing and maybe even exciting!

Each month, we’ll be focusing on a new aspect of Tantric Sex and combining it with other practices from previous classes.  Ideally, you would attend all of the classes, so mark your calendar!  

Otherwise, it’s possible to “catch up” if you miss a class, by way of repetition and enjoyment of this webpage you're on right now!  There will be periodic updates, including video clips, so don't miss it!

Each class will begin with a demo/video and discussion of about 20 minutes

I'll be giving a live demo and also showing you explicit clips videos I’ve made by myself and with lovers.  ONLY the DEMO section of the class will be recorded.  Rest assured--you won't be recorded, and only I and my demo buddies (if any) will be recorded, during the intro demo only.  Following the demo/discussion, we’ll STOP the recording and move right into an active pleasure practice together, which you can enjoy solo or with a partner.   

We would like you to have your camera ON for the discussion portion (not recorded), if at all possible, so that we know who you are.  You have the option of leaving your camera ON or OFF during our active erotic practices.  These are ACTIVE practices, not just a “spectator sport,” although I will occasionally guide the group to enjoy the "feast of the senses" by watching other men immersing ourselves in pleasure.  Some classes will involve break-out groups or partnered exercises, during which it's almost essential to be willing to leave your camera ON.

I've laid out short descriptions of each monthly class below, along with any preparation suggestions.  Please scroll down to check out the agenda for each class.  Post-Class, I'll also be uploading any helpful "homework" in written, audio, or video form, so bookmark this page and use it as a resource for your joyful, fun SEX life!





FREEDOM, SAFE SPACE, Intent, Creative Cock-Strokes & Body-Play

We learned how the BEST SEX of our lives begins with reclaiming our sense of innocence and freedom, and making a safe space where we can indulge in letting go.  Following a short intro, I led the group through a practice for reclaiming your sacred space, using the powerful tool of spoken-word affirmation.  I recorded a spoken-word affirmation, which you'll soon be able to access at the Tantra Love Academy Library.  I taught you how you can use your own words to declare your safe space for fully expressing your beautiful--and even mischievous--erotic self.  We touched on many practices we’ll be enjoying for months to cum, including creative dick-strokes, whole-body touch, Tantric self-massage, and the engagement of your VOICE!  See thorough notes below, as well as some provocative photos from the first explicit video of my upcoming series, "The Joy of Tantric Gay Sex".

Notes from February Class

We learned that in TANTRIC SEX, energy is allowed to FLOW from our cock, balls, and ass, upwards, to flood our heart and our upper centers of consciousness.

We used the following simple (yet profound) practices to allow erotic energy to move up and down the spine:

  • LENGTHENING THE SPINE.  Rather than looking down at our cock while pleasuring, we learned to be aware of our spinal alignment, and we even practiced what it was like to open our chest and heart by occasionally leaning our head back while in the midst of erotic arousal.
  • SELF-MASSAGE of our TORSO:  I demonstrated how to massage yourself from the pelvis, upwards across your abdomen, to release blocked energy and allow your hard-on fun to spread into other parts of your body.  
  • SLOWING DOWN and PAUSING.  I showed a clip from my new upcoming video "Tantric Sex Sprint #2--a Lover's Guide to Lunch-time Tantric Sex Fun".  The clip demonstrated how two lovers who are super-excited and aroused can benefit from frequently pausing, lying still, and breathing deeply...even (or especially) when they're so excited they're just about to bust.  One of our participants also demonstrated the benefit of slow, intentional, strokes on his beautiful cock, so that we all could understand first-hand how important it is to occasionally SLOW DOWN.
  • BREATH.  We experimented with "watching" our breath move up...and down...our spinal column, noticing how attention to breath and awareness of how energy moves in our body can shift our state of awareness, relax us, and tune us in to something more expansive than our throbbing, wonderful cock alone.
  • SOUND.  We learned to use vibration on our exhale to regulate our arousal level.

That's a LOT!  This was our first class, so we covered an overview of what's to come.  All that will practiced in the first class will be integrated into each subsequent class, with a special focus each month.  In MARCH, we'll focus on whole-body let-go and noise-making, with frequent repetition of all of the wonderful Tantric sex practices you see above...and of course, there will be more erotic video clips and demos.  For now, here are some photos of favorite gay Tantric sex tips, which we touched on in the first class and will be reviewing in upcoming classes.  Click on any photo for a closer view.  All of these tips are from the first in my upcoming series of films, "The Joy of Tantric Gay Sex".  Look for an announcement of the video release soon at


The Ecstasy of Letting Go

Use your whole body and your voice to go out of your fucking mind in a good way!

We’ll continue to refine, enhance, and sanctify the space you’re making for the best sex of your life!  This class, I’m showing you my favorite techniques for relinquishing your inhibitions, setting your body free, fucking your bed, exciting yourself from the cock and balls up, and finding your voice—all within a space which feels more and more safe for the possibility that you will find your full, unbridled erotic expression.  Bring a blindfold or something to cover your eyes if you can!  Also, we're going to be doing some bed-fucking fun, so if possible, set up your space so that you can enjoy being naked on a bed, massage table a slick, soft, sensually-exciting surface, or larger, open surface covered in soft sheets or a soft fabric that would feel good against your COCK.

POST-CLASS NOTES from March 19 Class:  "The Ecstasy of Letting Go"--with demonstration videos🤩

Many who were lucky enough to attend this class would agree that it was FUN and engaging!  Every man I saw there was having a hot, butt-ass naked time, and I saw what looked like pure erotic ecstasy beaming back at me on my screen.  I recorded my talk and demo--which was dick-throbbingly fun for me, I must say--and that 45-minute recording should be showing up momentarily at the Tantra Love Academy library, if it hasn't already.

I'm also very happy to share these two short video clips--as promised in the class-both of which convey startlingly-FUN (and each quite unique, in and of itself) renditions of how ecstatic SOUND and body movement with frot-sex (rubbing hard dicks on a smooth body or surface) can take sex to profound depths and exhilarating heights, even when you're not fucking!  Note how the video on the left--in addition to euphoric sound between me and a lover--also has the added dimension of mutual finger-fucking, a phenomenon which I'm going to be teaching live this coming summer in my in-person weekend play parties in Asheville, North Carolina USA.  Look for updates on live events in the "events" section of T4GM app, or on my Events Page, which will likely be updated in April.

Ecstatic Home Movie c. 2018.  This is an exciting home-made fuck-flick I made with my favorite lover several years ago, during one of our dynamic lunch-hour fuckfests.  Note that our "fuckfest" was accomplished with mutual finger-fucking, full-frontal dick-to-dick contact, undulating body movements, and resounding SOUNDS which we played off of one another until we worked ourselves into a pure fuck-fest frenzy.  You can, too!

Brad Amberheart and Will Tantra in Tantric Sex Sprint #2, demonstrating the resonance of whole-body sex-sound with synchronized body movement.  Lunch-Time Tantric Sex Sprint #2 is just about to be released, and when it is, you'll find the full-length video at  I'm releasing a whole new line of videos showing lovers how to create ecstatic Tantric sex experiments in as little as 20 minutes when some basic principles are employed--principles which I'm teaching in the Elements of Tantric Gay Sex Class!  Come join us on Tantra Love Academy in April for a thorough review of whole-body Tantric gay sex, and new instruction on breath, sound, and Tantric massage!


Breath, Sound, and Tantric Massage

“Tantric Massage”—in my book of secrets—refers to the fine art of exciting your whole body from head to toe by moving energy up and out of your cock and balls, connecting your pelvis and your heart, and seeing the bigger picture of how your sex brings LIFE to you, your loved ones, and this world.  I’ll show you how to use breath, sound, taint-muscle contractions, and pelvic-heart self-massage—combined with love-filled affirmation and expressed intent—to excite yourself (or and any partner) from nut-sac to armpit, and turn your next “jack-off” into an extended fuck-fest of evolutionary self-pleasure.

Post-Class Notes:

We had an amazing fucking time in today's class!  We learned that "Tantric Massage" is not always a passive activity in which someone lies down and receives from the other.  Rather, "Tantric Massage" refers to massaging our lover's torso, from pelvis to heart, and out his extremities, to circulate cock-and-ass energy into other energy centers (sometimes called chakras).


Get your lover excited.  One of my favorite ways to excite my lover is to lie face-down on the bed with my head between his legs when he's sitting up or leaning against a wall.  That way, I can pleasure his cock with my tongue and my mouth, while massaging his delicate, excited PELVIS.  Plus, I get to gyrate my own pelvis on the bed and excite my own cock and body, while I excite his!

The male PELVIS holds tremendous which is often LOCKED there, unable to move up and outward to energize the rest of the body.  We MOVE energy up and out of the pelvis by massaging each other's torsos, from the pelvis to the heart.  When we MOVE energy--with our hands, our breath, our body movements, and our sound--we allow that energy to inspire our hearts and even fuel our higher vision centers.  (Next class, we'll be focusing on how to use this energy to inspire our dreams and empower our lives.)

I've begun demonstrating as many of these methods/inspirations as I can, in my videos.  This week, I offered my class 50% off my new video, which actively demonstrates many of the tools I've been showing you in this class.  Click here to get "Tantric Sex Sprint #2--A Tantric Lover's Guide to Kinky Lunch-Hour Fun" at 50% off.  To get the discount (which I've offered to anyone in my class, or anyone who's lucky enough to stumble onto this page you're on now), just look for the little box at check-out which says "promo code" or "discount code" and enter code  "TLA50" to get 50% off.  Enjoy!

Next class will likely be sometime between May 6 and 14.  Look for it on TLA (see links below to join.)


Our Sex is BIGGER Than Us—Magnify Your World with Your Magic Wand

We’re going to use every tool we’ve worked so far as a magnifier for our dreams and visions, and turn our cocks into magic fuckin’ wands!  This class is a great foray into sexual magic, for by way of exciting our bodies as much as we can stand, we’ve now activated a source of energy which can be used to enhance the health and well-being of ourselves, each other, and this world.