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What is Sacred Intimacy?
the art of being completely attentive and present for another
by Brad Amberheart

"The greatest gift we can ever give to anyone--or receive from anyone--is complete presence."

  • We live in a world where virtually everyone is constantly distracted and--consequently--emotionally or physically unavailable.  Even when we're not texting, emailing, Facebooking, or Tweeting, we're still thinking about all the things we have to do, haven't done, or are expected to have done.  

  • For most of us, what we most desire is to have complete permission and freedom to just completely let go, and to be held and lovingly witnessed in our life's journey.  We want to come back HOME to a place of serenity, peace, love, and communion with our TRUE HEART'S DESIRE.  This is why I regularly RECEIVE Sacred Intimate Sessions, AND therefore am thoroughly delighted by GIVING them!

  • How wonderful it is, to realize that we have nothing more to do, nothing else to sort out in our minds, and nothing else to take care of—other than ourselves and our own dreams, for 2 to 3 hours!

  • Sacred Intimacy is a Place To be Touched and a Place To be Loved.  It's a place to be completely able to sense what this body, heart, and soul need—and ask for it.  In addition to being someone who might really EXCITE us erotically, a sacred intimate is someone who can literally be an extra set of hands—to do for our body that which we know we need, but which we literally might not be able to do with our own hands (or dick).  The most highly-trained practitioner is only as great as his/her ability to cultivate complete and total PRESENCE.  When we are present, we know exactly what is needed.  

  • I suppose many of my own clients are not that attuned to what the body needs, and instead would rather wait for someone else to “do it to them,” when in reality, the most powerful sacred intimate sessions are often about the recipient completely tuning in to what your body and soul long to receive, and asking for it.  IN ANY SESSION, I'll ask you, early on, what your body really needs.  Are you tense?  Are there places that need to be touched, worked-out, caressed?  My response will be based in what you feel and desire.  I'm here to help you tune in to what you REALLY desire.  While it might not ALL be possible here, now, in one session, I can guarantee that receiving what you really desire BEGINS with saying it.  From that point forward, you are ready to receive it--here and now, and/or in every waking moment of your life, from this point forward!  

  • Tantric Sacred Intimate sessions offer a time and space to transcend time and space and be in multiple realities simultaneously.  There is potential here for very potent, powerful, and real magic!  What people might have considered “supernatural” may actually be as natural as breathing, dreaming, or feeling with all of our senses.  We can literally use these session times to bless ourselves, other people, and places.  The Sacred Intimate sessions I offer are rooted in Tantra.  To read more about Tantra and types of sacred intimacy sessions I and my partners offer, click here:  

  • BOTTOM LINE—every session represents an opportunity for healing on multiple levels, while the client and I are elevated to a higher level of consciousness, and fed!  A Sacred Intimate session is a place to see our visions, and a time to stop worrying about whether or not we're doing “enough”! 

Sweet Blessings,

Rev. Brad Amberheart