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The All-Day Sex-Play Date & Evolutionary Fuck Fest for Men

a WHOLE DAY Devoted to Creative, Expressive, Whole-Body Tantric SEX with Other Men.

Brad Amberheart & Ed Galloway in the soon-to-be-released "Provincetown Fuckfest", scheduled for release in July 2022 at

Lots of us have had lots of sex! 

Most of us wish we could have 






Get as excited as you can fucking stand...and enjoy mind-blowing SEX for the rest of your fucking life!

Join Tantric Sex Coach Brad Amberheart and a house-full of horny guys for a day-long Play-Shop + Sex Party devoted to finding every possible way to excite the living fuck out of each other...and ride the waves of dick-throbbing excitement for hours on end--without drugs

We're going to be drawing from Brad's Big Toolbox of Tantric Sex practices...learning practices which—by design—will make you as excited as fuck and will also help you manage that excitement for long enough to enjoy the living fuck out of yourself and have about as much sex-fun as you can stand. 

Today's play-shop and evolutionary sex party will set a new bar!  The aim is for every man to walk out of here with a new set of tools to inspire days, weeks, months, and years of mind-blowing sex, starting RIGHT HERE, NOW!  

Fuck yes!

Here's What You Can Expect to Experience & Enjoy:

Brad poses for Mexico City photographer Johnny Lopera in Asheville, NC, July 2021


Practice using breath, fuck-noise, and full-body contact to delay ejaculation, prolong the sexual experience, and reach higher states of sex-pleasure.

Learn how fuck-sounds can take you into whole-body orgasmic states, even before you CUM.

    Learn how to change an average fuck-date into some of the best fucking sex of your life, simply by applying several obvious (yet often overlooked) strategies.


    RELAX into a space of connection, where you can feel free to let go, experiment, and dare to ask for what you want.

    ENJOY a refreshingly-fun, exciting MEN'S SEX SPACE which is grounded in connection, voice, and balls-out expression.

    10 AM-6 PM

    (Early Bird $119)

    ***Space is limited to a maximum of 18 men.***


    The "All-Day Sex-Play Date & Evolutionary Fuck Fest for Men" didn't get its name by accident!  We're talking about ALL DAY and EVOLUTIONARY!  We've done a LOT of experimentation and research by sucking a lot of dick, fucking a lot of ass, and taking a LOT of dick up the ass, all to draw the following conclusion:  The average sex date lasts for 20 minutes and leaves us wanting something more.  How are we going to ever get what we want?  We do it by creating a space which is 100% supportive of ecstatic, evolutionary, mind-blowing sex.  Here's what we're asking of each man in attendance to help us make a space for mind-blowing fun:

    Nobody has to do anything they don’t want to do.

      Voyeurism is participation.

        No drugs or alcohol—arrive sober, and leave naturally high on life, Fucker!

          Full confidentiality—what happens here stays here.

            Please stay until the end.  
            If you feel you absolutely must leave, check in with Brad first out of respect for the integrity of the group and to rest assured you have all of the support that you need--to stay or to go.

            More About Your Facilitator

            Brad Amberheart is a Tantric sex coach and evolutionary escort who devotes his days and nights to finding every way possible to turn more men the fuck ON and--ultimately--create a world where horny, hungry MEN can connect with each other and live sexually-thrilling lives.

            Brad has facilitated Sex Play-Shops at world-renowned Tantra festivals from Hawaii to the UK.  He has studied and collaborated with many great pioneers in the Tantra world--including Rudolph Ballentine, Margot Anand, and Jason Tantra--while simultaneously creating his own unique blend of Tantra, sexual magic, and deep-nature wisdom.  He attributes his training in Tantra not only to his work with individual teachers, but also to the countless days of his life which he has devoted to being immersed in wilderness and in cathartic healing ceremonies with North American and Siberian native people.

            Today, Brad devotes his attention to creating cutting-edge gay erotic in audio, video, and written form while continuing to take men right up to the edge of their sexual frontiers via dynamic 1-on-1 and group work.  He launched the Gay Tantra Podcast on Dec. 31, 2019.  He has helped create over 150 groundbreaking gay erotic films in collaboration with Himeros TV and has also started his own line of independent erotic films.  Links to all of his videos can be found at

            Brad Amberheart & Will Tantra, demonstrating techniques for whole-body Tantric sex fun in a class at Easton Mountain retreat.

            "The Dirty Talk Game" was one of the first videos to be released in Brad's new line of independent gay erotic films devoted to cutting-edge, evolutionary Tantric sex on camera.