Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men


an exploration into whole-body orgasmic potential for people of all genders

with Brad Amberheart

Atlanta, GA, USA
Nov. 8, 2017

collaborative facilitation with Monique Darling

Nov. 11, 2017

Hawai'i (Big Island)
January 2017
(details pending--check back here soon!)

This workshop is an excellent space for releasing limitations which no longer serve and opening the body and heart as an ecstatic instrument of creativity, vision, and magic.  If you plan on attending the “Sex as Prayer” ritual later (, this playful workshop is a great way to re-charge your batteries, rev up your engines, and hoist your anchors for full sail.



ekstəsē/(from Greek ekstasis ‘standing outside oneself,’ based on ek- ‘out’ + histanai ‘to place.’)

In the Tantra world—at least in the West—when we hear the word “ecstasy,” we’ve learned to conjure up images of a couple in euphoric sexual ecstasy, shaking and screaming wildly—or sitting in a yah-yum embrace, with spirals of light encircling their bodies…

YEAH!  Sounds like FUN!

But what does it actually take to go into a state of ecstasy?

Is it available to everyone?

Can we have it anytime?

Do we need a “special” partner?

How is this related to “Tantra”?

Join Tantrica and Sex Coach Brad Amberheart for an exploration of ecstatic full-body pleasure as an experiment in re-claiming the healing power of pleasure, our access to altered states of reality, and the relationship between our own sensual-erotic body and the World beyond.  Join us in an atmosphere of safety, play, discovery, and reverence!  All exercises today are adaptable and can be done on your own, with a partner of choice, with the people you’ll meet here, or as a group!  Rest assured that you’ll have complete freedom of choice to proceed at your own pace, alone or in good company, naked or adorned with your favorite sensually-exciting clothing.  The primary request is to come with a desire to learn, grow, and explore your relationship to your own heart-and-soul-integrated bodily pleasure.

OK!  So with that much said, here’s what’s on tap for this ecstatic Tantric experiment:


Brad Amberheart will guide us in some basic principles he’s been using to generate whole-body ecstasy since he was 14!  These principles include (but are not limited to):

face-down whole-body self-stimulation on a mattress

exploration of prolonged excitement states

(including ejaculation control for men)

noise-making, vocal release, and sound

attention to breathing and opening of full-body energy circuits

ecstatic body movement

vocal expression of AFFIRMATIONS during high states of arousal

This final principle—the expression of affirmations in WORDS, combined with a state of high sensual-erotic arousal—is one which will allow us to delve into the realms of sexual magic and ecstatic body-prayer—a perfect preparation for the ecstatic Sex as Prayer Ritual (see!

You’ll probably be surprised just how excited you can make yourself!  

You’ll have the option of being witnessed—or being alone; of having others touch your body to contribute to your excitement and fun—or touching only yourself or your chosen partner(s).  Together, we’re here to support YOU and each other in blazing new trails into our own body awareness and accessing higher states of ecstatic pleasure and FREEDOM!  We’ll also have blind-folds on hand which can be worn by YOU to help you go even more deeply into your own body.  Blindfolds can also be used creatively, if you like, so that others won’t see YOU!

This is a clothing-optional space!  

That means you CAN wear some form of body adornment for the exercises—or none at all!  If you wear anything, it’s suggested you bring something that feels stimulating against your skin, such as silks, soft cottons, or other clothing that excites you and allows you to move your body around freely on soft sheets.  

(Underwear and lingerie can be FUNN!)

See you there!