Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

Who Are My Clients?

I'm a teacher and coach of wholistic erotic expression and healing.  What that means is that I approach erotic ecstasy as a beautiful, splendid vehicle home to health, happiness, and awareness.   I teach men, primarily,  how to reclaim their own eroticism and bodily pleasure as tools for remembering who we are and why we are here.  (The word "re-member" literally means "to put it back together").

I serve to create places where men can completely let go of concerns about past conditioning, and open up to a much more fun, meaningful, and fulfilling way of enjoying sexual pleasure--not just through the genitals and butt, but through a whole-body experience, which also engages the heart and the soul.

Most of my clients fall into three basic groups:

THE FIRST GROUP are men who are touch-deprived.  This is, as you might have already guessed, the largest group!  Almost none of us can ever get too much loving, conscientious touch!  Unfortunately, the truth is that many of us almost never get it.  A lot of men I see don't even know what "loving conscientious touch" actually is!  Some of them actually have told me that they've never been able to let go and feel caressed and embraced--sensually, erotically, or sexually--by a caring, conscientious lover.

THE SECOND GROUP are men who are extremely experienced in the full enjoyment and expression of their sexual freedom and pleasure, but they they seldom encounter anyone who can actually meet them sexually--someone who can completely "show up".  These men need a quiet garden, just for themselves, where they can fully surrender and shout for their grief, their sorrow, and their passion, where they can kick and scream and laugh with pure, uninhibited, enraptured glee.  They want to be with a lover who won't think they're crazy (or having a heart attack!) when they become so overcome with sexual joy that their whole body convulses and they start babbling and beating on the mattress like they're just fucking out of their mind.  (This is why I, personally, go to Sacred Intimates now and then.)  We are sexual ecstatics, living in a world where there sometimes seems to be no safe place where we can completely let go into our wildness and freedom.  Fortunately, I've managed to create such safe places everywhere I go!

THE THIRD GROUP are those rare and precious clients who completely realize the power of sexual delight to heal, transform, and create.  These clients are ready to be impregnated by their own life's vision and to give birth to something larger than Self.  These clients recognize that sexual communion is so much more than the pleasure we receive from it, and that love-making can actually bring relief to a world so filled with suffering and agony.  They recognize that their HOT SEX actually can heal the sick and bless the dying ones with good health or a clear rite of passage.